New-type anti-aging drug has entered clinical trails

Scientists say they have found a kind of natural compounds in avocado, broccoli, and cucumber and their anti-aging effects are found to be surprising in mice through the use of recombinant mouse proteins, and they are also useful for humans. The researchers have already begun clinical trials in a small number of people who say they have a number of benefits when they add NMN compounds to water for older mice. They are characterized by increased physical activity, increased bone density and muscle tone, better performance of the immune system and liver, improved visual acuity and even reduce of body weight. Researchers began investigating the role of NAD, a protein involved in energy production in the body.

As animals age, they produce less NAD, and scientists believe that this is part of the aging process. The experiments of researchers trying to induce mice to produce more NAD failed, so they came up with a new method of raising the content of this protein.

They were given NMN (also in cabbage and soybeans) in order to see if this could enhance their NAD levels and restore youthfulness. “The answer is yes,” said lead researcher Shin-ichiro Imai of Washington University in St. Louis when asked if this method was useful. “In fact, NMN gives the mice a surprisingly good anti-aging effect. NMN mice are healthy longer and we do not know if their lifespan will be longer, but we believe that if this effect continues, their life expectancy will certainly be longer. We find this method which can make old mice have the same metabolism and energy levels same to young mice.

He was optimistic that clinical trials would lead to similar results in clinical trials in Japan. “Given that humans rely on the same energy-producing processes, we feel that this approach is likely to help people become as healthy as ever before,” he said, “but NAD also can enhance energy of cancer cells, while the study did not say.”

“Some tumor cells have higher capacity of synthesing NAD, so we are concerned that taking NMN may increase the incidence of cancer. But we do not see a difference in the incidence of this cancer in mice,” said Professor Imai. The study was published in the journal Cellular Metabolism, holding that only older mice can realize the benefits of NMN. Flarebio provides recombinant human proteins such as recombinant Cdh10 at good prices.