BTFI, so you may have asked, “why capital T in the spelling of BioTech? or why is Foundation in a different color? and Why Inc.?

The prefix of Bio, means life. The Tech, refers to “it’s generally a company whose primary business is selling tech or tech services”. Foundation is written in blue, as for the color of “blue sky,” “blue SEA,” as if you can see, what I can Sustainable Environmental Act (SEA), at BioTech Foundation, Inc. Perhaps, this is not conceivable yet.

Why raise awareness of ecological friendly practices? or help to eradicate poverty?

Raising Awareness of Ecological Practices!

BTFI is an established organization. This is explicitly stated in many ways. The Incorporation has its Identification Tax ID number 46–5686929. Thus, the goal of this established organization, seeks to increase awareness of “eco-friendly practices through a global citizenship network.”

Everyday should be Earth Day!

BioTech Foundation, Inc. started back in 2014, as a sponsored environmental research project at Educare For Exceptional Children, LLC. This is partly because of the increasing of environmental problems. For example, the 2010 Haiti earthquake was a catastrophic magnitude. In addition, in 2010, there was a cholera outbreak in Haiti; which spread across Haiti resulted in more than 7,000 Haitians dead. There are countless natural disasters that are detrimental for human survival.

Presently, in 2017, Hurricane Harvey in Texas destroyed the lives and homes of many. Around the world, people are suffering. While BioTech Foundation, Inc. do not claim to solve the world’s environmental problem or eradicate poverty, there is a solution. That is, it will take me, you, and everyone else to strive to perceive the solution as within the diversity in our globe; it is still one world, one planet earth.

What it would take for our survival, as living being, is to balance living things and technology in the perfection of BioTech. Let’s not forget, only God is perfect. The infrastructure of this foundation is based on a divine approach that we can strive to root out our imperfection to make this world a better place. The government will continue to need the contribution of nonprofit organizations to support inevitable disasters.

Ongoing research, transparency and accountability of these stakeholders’ organizational management will always be crucial. BioTech Foundation, Inc., hopes that you participate and connect with us. Welcome to BioTech Foundation, Inc. virtual connection