How can Blood Sugar Patches be Beneficial for Your Health?

The terms blood sugar and blood glucose are used to indicate sugar that is carried throughout the body by the bloodstream to provide energy to all cells of the body. The body derives sugar or other substances from the food we eat and process it. The body regulates the blood sugar level (not too high or low) with the help of a protein called insulin. Blood sugar level generally refers to blood glucose level.

After we have eaten food, our pancreas automatically releases insulin in order to control the blood sugar level. The cells of the body then store glucose in them in order to use this later. As the cells starts storing glucose, the blood sugar level gradually comes down. Liver also stores excess glucose in the form of glycogen.

In The Case Of A Diabetic

In the case of a diabetic, the body does not proper act to insulin or insulin is not released properly. As a result, the cells fail to store glucose, and because of this, the blood sugar level rises. Therefore, diabetics are advised to have light meals in a small span of time.

Reasons To Use Blood Sugar Patch

By Self-monitoring or testing blood sugar, you can take care of your health in a better way.

· It can help you track your overall treatment goal

· You can understand how your diet and/or exercises are impacting your blood sugar level

· You can get to know how illnesses or stress affect your blood sugar level

· You can know the effects of your diabetes medicines on your health

· You can, in no time, get to know your high or low blood sugar levels

The Preferable Times To Check Your Blood Sugar

It is always better to consult your doctor about when to check your blood sugar level. In general, the number of testing your blood sugar varies as per the type of diabetes.

· Type 1 diabetes — Doctors recommend the type 1 diabetics to test their blood sugar four to eight times a day. These people have to check their blood sugar levels before and after snacks and meals, and also before and after exercise and before bedtime. Sometimes, they also have to check their blood sugar levels in the night as the need arises.

· Type 2 diabetes — People suffering from type 2 diabetes are instructed to check their blood sugar levels two or more times a day. To type 2 diabetics, doctors recommend to test their blood sugar usually before meals and sometimes, before bedtime too.

The Results Are Based On Various Factors Such As

· Age of the patient

· Type of the diabetics

· Severity of diabetics

· Status of pregnancy (as pregnancy affects blood sugar levels)

· Other medical conditions

Blood sugar patches are very helpful in measuring blood sugar levels. Make sure that you wash your hands with soap and warm water before using them. Carefully remove the strip and make sure that it is properly inserted.

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