Boost the Health of Your Horses with Equinex Feed Supplement

Feed supplements for animals is also known as a feed additive. It provides the extra nutrients like vitamins, amino acids, fatty acids, and minerals to the animals. The intake of such nutrients is not possible through the regular feed for animals. It aids in proper growth and improves their performance. By adding the feed supplement in animal feed, the quality of the feed gets enhanced. 
· It lowers the amount of ammonia present in the manure of the animals, as ammonia is the root cause of respiratory problems in horses.
· It improves the quality of manure, retains moisture in the litter, increases the appetite and makes the immune system of animals strong. This helps in the prevention of diseases.
· It helps in preventing the deficiency of various nutrients like calcium, phosphorus, and minerals in animals and helps in the building of strong bones in them.
· It improves the overall digestion system, aids in easy absorption of nutrients, and increases resistance to diseases.
· It eliminates pathogenic microorganisms and eliminates the bad odor.

A Brief About the Equinex Horse Feed Supplement
The equinox supplement is available in a wide range, which is suitable for different requirements. Some of them are listed as below: 
· Equinox original 
· Equinox gastrointestinal U formula 
· Muscle 
· Sport hooves
It plays an important role in adding nourishment in the feed of the horses. It has been used since ages. People use horses for polo races, transportation, and other commercial purpose. There are so many breeds of horses and each breed require different nutrients at different stages of their life cycle like pregnancy, lactation, and growth period. Horses which are used for riding or working, need some extra amount of energy which can be sourced from this supplement. Many horse owners add Equinex in the feed which is usually served to horses, to provide extra nutrients to them.
· It contains no molasses and it is free from the added preservatives. This makes it 100% safe to consume for horses.
· It does not contain Saccharomyces cerevisiae
· Its ingredient list includes yarrowia lipelytila yeast, which is very beneficial for the growth.
The providers of the Equinex Horse Feed Supplement make use of the utmost authentic grade ingredients and modern techniques in order to produce a top-notch grade product. They should be capable of meeting the bulk requirements of the market on a timely basis. The benefits offered by product make it one of the most sought-after feed supplements for the horses.
Importance of Probiotics for Poultry Animals
Poultry refers to the farm animals which are used for meat, milk, and other products such as cattle, cow, buffaloes, sheep, goat, hen, etc. Probiotics play a very significant role in treating farm animals and keep them hale and hearty. These probiotics help in increasing the performance of animals. One of the most popular probiotic used for the poultry animals is the Probinex. Probinex probiotic is a medicine given to the animals to improve their overall growth and prevent them from bacterial diseases.
• It acts as a feed supplement for the animals that balances gastrointestinal microflora and prevent animals from the disease of swine flu.
• Probinex poultry adds enzymes, vitamins, and other nutrients in the diet of animals.
• It increases the animal capacity of digestion and faster food conversion ratio.
• It helps in increasing the appetite of animals, which improves the overall health of the poultry animals.
• It aids in maintaining a stable level of cholesterol in the blood.
• The Probinex Poultry Probiotic makes the immune system of poultry animals strong and works as an anti allergic, anti- carcinogenic, anti- diarrhea, anti- oxidant, which makes the animals and birds resistant to various diseases.
• It acts as a killing agent for damaging microbes and preventing bad odour problems.
• It lowers the amount of ammonia and nitrates in the litter 
• It can be used as a replacement for antibiotics.


The main ingredients which are used in the Probinex probiotic are bacillus, ichenuformin, antibiotics such as bacitracin, bacilties, magisterium, polymixin, lactic acid, and vitamins.
The Probinex probiotic helps in raising growth performance. Probinex poultry plays a very important role in the prevention of diseases. It aids the growth promotion among poultry animals as well as facilitates the generation of a safe produce. It has a beneficial effect on animals and is strongly recommended by the veterinarians all over the world in order to combat dreadful diseases which are spreading in animals and creating trouble with the health of humans too.
The suppliers of this Probinex poultry probiotic should source their stock from the genuine vendors in the industry, who offer an authentic grade product at a reasonable rate. They should offer it in various quantity packs to meet the bulk requirements of the market on a timely basis. These suppliers should be well-equipped with a strong marketing and distribution system, to meet the requirements of the geographically scattered clients. 
Thus, it can be concluded that the inclusion of this probiotic tremendously boosts the health of the poultry animals.

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