Smoking simple way to dressing

Biries give happiness to pull the cigarette or you get tired. Seeking the release from smoking. But do not give up anything. Some of the foods you eat on a regular basis you can say goodbye to smoking. Let us know about the food.
Vitamin C-rich fruits 
 Vitamin C- repeatedly to reduce the level of smoking happiness to pull too. Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C of any kind. Orange, Lemon, pomegranate, could continue. I do not think you want to see the cigarettes.
Salty food 
 Smoking is for the heart wince. insignificant salt in one day. Salted or salty chips or nuts. Cigarettes will be resolved thirst.
 Additional smoking increases the release of dopamine in the body. Jinasem reduces dopamine. Smoking jinasem wanted to play once a week can be resolved.
 Let us know about smoking dangerous and mortifying that — . 
 ***It may cause Cancer ,Heart-Attack ‘High blood pressure, Chronic lungs troubles and other serious diseases.
 ***Smoking tobacco products is a major health hazard..It is found that one puff of cigarette smoke contains fifteen billion particles of matter including nicotine methyl alcohol,carbon ,monoxide,formaldehyde,arsenic, Benzopyrineand several other acids.These are all really very fatal and injurious to our health.
 ***Nicotine constricts the size of blood-vessels which impedes the normal flow of blood and oxygen in body.It causes the heart to beat faster .
 *** Benzopyrine arsenic and tobacco tar are cancer -causing agents in animals and human beings.
 *** Tobacco tar forms a brown sticky mass inside the lungs and it hinders the easy flow of blood .
 ***The presence of carbon monoxide in the tobacco tar drives out the oxygen from the blood and it is also dangerous .
 ***Smoking can causes irritation in the eye offend the nose and it unsettle the mind .

So let’s start from today these practices. If the quick release can be found in cigarettes.