Why do not my friends read my blog posts

As I mentioned, I have been re blogging in short interval of time after a gap and losing all the contents before due to malicious plugin usage, I get less number of views on my blog posts. May be this post shall have negative lines but once again I say it may just be my mere thought. I have been getting quite less page visits though, I shamelessly share my blog post links to my social sites like Facebook , Twitter, StumbleUpon etc. I feel no one is reading any of them because no one responds anything. I am sure it shall be just me one kind of person posting about why do not my friends read my blog posts.

Writing is never in my passion as my writing skill in down the ground even though, I write to on different matter like following my hobbies, share technology news, pour thoughts on startups which I love to but I am not satisfied when my friends don’t read my blog, don’t respond on them or don’t comment on my work. With lots of expectation of getting their feedback, response I work hard on each articles so that they could engage them and drop a line or share the link but all those goes in vain. I don’t request them to do it all the time but they could have done occasionally.

For complete read http://bipin.me/blog/2016/06/why-do-not-my-friends-read-my-blog-posts/

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