What are some of the mind-blowing facts about Big Data?

“In 2010 Eric Schmidt, then CEO of Google, stated that we now create as much data every 2 days as we did from the dawn of man through 2003. We are now producing far more data than we did in 2010. In fact, we create about 2.5 quintillion bytes of data daily and approximately 90% of all our worlds data has been created in the past 2 years.”

“At the March 2012 White House Big Data Initiative, the acting director of Darpa Ken Gabriel described the Big Data Challenge in more human terms. Gabriel compared Big Data to the Atlantic Ocean, “The Atlantic ocean is 350m kilometers in volume — 100 billion billion gallons.” Gabriel stated, “if each gallon represents a byte, the Atlantic ocean would only be able to store the data generated by the world in 2010.” The ocean is huge and that’s a lot of Data. Finding the useful information among all the noise? well, Gabriel went on to say its like searching the ocean for a 55 gallon drum barrel.”Read more