Ever noticed how coincidental and fortuitous life can be? Sometimes it is when you alone deep in well when out of nowhere a hand / rope appears to help you get out. I have been fortunate these past few days to hear from friends who I had neglected and all offered words of encouragement and compliments — because I am better and offer more than what my self-image what dictate. This morning an article that was nearly perfect appeared in my Facebook feed. See link below…

I thought I would flip the article to become a north star and manifesto to help focus my thoughts… Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) has proven to be more effective for me than medication, meditation, and procrastination. The best path to happiness is to be positive, focused, and to do all in your power to take responsibility and press on. I am strongly guilty for eight of the ten behaviors described.

  1. Focus on the NOW and do small things every day to improve your life and happiness
  2. Relationships and health are the most important thing — focus and spend your time on these activities
  3. Get OUTSIDE. This may be one of the most important for me. I am vitamin D deficient and going for a walk, getting a coffee, just being around people — even for a thirty-second interaction can make a huge difference instead of staying bed and wallowing
  4. You are empowered. Disappointment happens and everyone makes mistakes
  5. Optimism. You can control success by being thoughtful, honest, and working hard
  6. Self encouragement > complaining
  7. Perspective. The highs are never as great as you feel and most importantly, the lows are NEVER as bad as you think. Setbacks happen but no one thing is so important that it negates all the other positive things
  8. Confront it and move on. Take responsibility
  9. Small steps forward every day
  10. 99% of the world is envious of the opportunity and blessings you have — don’t focus on the 1% that has it better; it often is a veneer anyway

I hope to use and read this often as a tool to keep me focused and hope you can too.