From Local to Global

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Once there was a little but firm business initiative in digital media, was taken by me. Back in 2008 when I started my independent career in Graphic designing, I could foresee there’s going to be a drastic change in online business area. I started getting a lot of works of new website development, designing online promotional campaign and graphic designing work. It became very hard for me to tackle all the projects by myself. That’s when I started a small digital agency of my own and gradually I wanted to make the company big by operating systematically.

Everyday my digital start-up was getting new projects. I became very busy monitoring and managing all the projects that I hardly could manage time to study and learn more about booming digital marketing. As my business was growing, I had to travel outside of country for business purpose. Each day there came something new in social media or in online platform and I couldn’t catch up with the speedy change until one day I have discovered Digital Marketing Nanodegree program of Udacity. It has everything I needed in one place.

Because of that course, I could learn from anywhere, anytime. I perfectly used my travelling time or the time when I sat idle in the traffic. Now I perfectly understand the digital marketing ecosystem. Because of that course, I have a 360 degree understanding of digital marketing. I can distribute work accurately among the teams and I can do overall monitoring and controlling. Although I started small, last year I had clients over in 5 countries and until than I had used mostly traditional method of operating an agency.

I have started using my learning from the Digital Marketing Nanodegree program of Udacity and ever since then I am seeing smooth business operation without any friction in the specific departments. I know what goals to set for marketing team, sales team or operation teams. I can specifically understand what clients’ requirements are.