As you sow, so shall you reap

It is the very first time I am writing on Medium. Also written my first English post. I am still a beginner in blogging. Actually today I am going to tell a story that happened with me in last night. So say #Cheese

Yesterday (14–02–2017) was Valentine’s Special Day for every couple, lover, family. So generally I was spending my time with my family and then went outside for a work. I went to a shop to buy something special. In that day, the shop was full of people. So I have to wait for this. Actually, which thing I was to buy I can create this on home in this time which I spent on this shop for waiting. Then my waiting list has been finished.

First, the seller, gave me my wished things. Then he gave me some piece of good advises:

  1. You have waited for a long time. In this time, you can create this things by your own. By doing this, your money will be saved. And you can save onto your account.
  2. “Practice makes a man perfect”. If you create your own, this will return a good effect on you.
  3. This was the last advice. I think most valuable. “As you sow, so shall you reap”.

This advises thought me a lot. At last I got the point.

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