Birake Community Coin- Vote!

Birake Network

Birake will start a new campaign Birake Community Coin, where we will list ONE FREE COIN per week, for 4 weeks!

First step for you is to suggest in the Discord channel#coins-to-vote what coins would you like to participate in our campaign and won a free listing.

The coins with top votes will win a free listing on Birake Network!

The 2nd position coin will be automatically included in the next week voting campaign.

You will find the poll in our Discord channel channel #community-coin starting from Monday 11.03!
Until Monday 11.03 you can suggest (#coins-to-vote )what coins you would like to win!
Voting will also start Monday 11.03. and it will end Sunday 17.03. We will make an announcement when poll will be published!


Happy Voting!

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Birake Network

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