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Jan 14, 2019 · 3 min read
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Birake- Start your own Crypto Exchange!

Developing and launching a cryptocurrency exchange can be a costly and fraught with risk. Even after considerable development of the platform, there are many hurdles to leap; gaining interest from projects to list their coin, populating your exchange with orders and liquidity, whilst ensuring the exchange is ready on hand to offer user support. This is where Birake’s network exchange solution can step in…

At its core, the Birake solution ( offers a decentralized trading experience equipping traders with a secure and trustless infrastructure where transactions and trades are held and stored securely on the blockchain with wallets isolated from the network and private keys accessed only by users. I know — you know what a decentralized exchange is! You have heard this before…

Except you haven’t!

Birake introduce an innovative shared exchange network concept with shared central database opening new possibilities to how cryptocurrency is traded. By offering exchanges on a network, exchange owners utilising our network will make use of a cross networked order book offering instant exchange liquidity, and a library of listed coins immediately after launch. With exchanges ‘plugging in’ to the Birake network worldwide, the Birake network is aiming to grow to offer industry leading exchange volume traded and coins offered. Backed by the Graphene Blockchain, exchanges operating on the Birake network can handle 100,000 transactions per second — with an average confirmation time of 3 seconds — providing users with an incredibly responsive real time cryptocurrency trading experience creating a truly scalable concept and trading ecosystem.

How does operating an exchange on the Birake network benefit you, an exchange owner?

Available immediately from day one, our networked exchange solution with central database offers a new exchange the prospect of launching with a mature order book, comprehensive order history and an broad collection of cryptocurrency assets to offer on your exchange. By allowing this to be handled through the Birake network, it allows sole focus to be given to increasing your user base.

At Birake, we appreciate every customer is unique and treat them as such. We offer each exchange a personalised solution allowing your exchange to shine and give it the identification that you require. Whilst Birake provide the back-end functionality and front end infrastructure, our exchange customer have full scope to adapt branding, exchange personalisation and hosting through their chosen domain.

Behinds the scenes, the extensive and experienced Birake team are here to lend a helping hand. Included in our package is technical assistance, platform maintenance, customer support and transaction accounting features to ensure your exchange runs smoothly.

To optimise exchange operations and results each platform is provided with a dedicated webmaster backend database allowing a complete live assessment on the progress of your exchange. With analytics tools, user breakdown and performance data, the webmaster database forms a vital tool for continued performance assessment.

“Birake Network” — Start your own Crypto Exchange!

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