Top resources to learn statistics for Data Science

In this article i have shared the best resource which helps to get the better understanding of data through statistical analysis

Want to level up in applied stats? Here are my 5 favorite books and resources - add yours!

1. All of Statistics:

2. Elements of Statistical Learning:

3. Introduction to Statistical Learning:

4. All of Non-Parametric Statistics:

5. Modern Dive:

There are *so* many more, but I often find myself going to these 5 when I need to check or learn.



In this article I will show how to test and split works .

Cross-validating is easy with Python. If test sets can provide unstable results because of sampling in data science, the solution is to systematically sample a certain number of test sets and then average the results. It is a statistical approach (to observe many results and take an average of them), and that’s the basis of cross-validation. The recipe is straightforward