A Progressive Web Application with Vue JS, Webpack & Material Design [Part 2]
Kévin Jean

Thanks for a great tutorial. I’m having an authentication issue with Firebase. I downloaded the zip file from github, substituted my firebase.js for yours, and I get this response:

database.js?68c5:220 Uncaught (in promise) Error: PERMISSION_DENIED: Permission denied
 at eval (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:220:115)
 at fc (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:59:165)
 at Ah (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:220:23)
 at eval (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:215:404)
 at eval (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:177:167)
 at Ag.g.wd (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:178:104)
 at og.wd (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:168:364)
 at Yf.eval [as Xf] (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:166:281)
 at ag (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:150:464)
 at WebSocket.Ia.onmessage (eval at <anonymous> (app.js:900), <anonymous>:149:245)
(anonymous) @ database.js?68c5:220
fc @ database.js?68c5:59
Ah @ database.js?68c5:220
(anonymous) @ database.js?68c5:215
(anonymous) @ database.js?68c5:177
g.wd @ database.js?68c5:178
og.wd @ database.js?68c5:168
(anonymous) @ database.js?68c5:166
ag @ database.js?68c5:150
Ia.onmessage @ database.js?68c5:149

If I change the database rules to:

 “rules”: {
 “.read”: “true”,
 “.write”: “true”

then it works just fine, so it’s an authentication issue.

Any suggestions? Anyone?

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