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I’ve gotten a few similar responses to this one, so I just want to clarify that yes, of course the message is only directed at people who actually have a choice in what they eat. I mentioned in the first paragraph that there are definitely people with extenuating circumstances stopping them from eating an entirely plant-based diet, but I should probably have been more clear on that point.

In the long term, when we’ve somehow abolished capitalism and started acting with compassion for our fellow man, non-human animals, and our world, I’d like to think that we would have an international cooperation in food production and distribution. Everyone would be provided with all the nutritional plant-based foods that they need and no human or non-human animal would be needlessly exploited.

However, in the short term, we obviously can’t expect people in isolated communities relying on the local fishing, hunting etc. for survival to cease these activities. It’s the industrialized exploitation of farmed animals and our oceans, committed by western civilizations, that has to be the focus for any kind of reform. It’s not small fishing villages killing the ocean after all, it’s the massive corporate fishing fleets doing it, only to provide fish for millions or billions of people who have easy access to plant-based foods.

Those of us with options need to stop lending our support to these monstrous corporate entities that are pillaging our world’s natural resources and trying to convince us it’s necessary, while keeping us in the dark about how much harm is being done.

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