Water World

The Process

I created an app called “Water World” that is meant for students to compete for their school by gaining points based off the number of organisms they find by visiting different bodies of water.

Brainstorming my ideas during a group studio session

Schools register to the app, students log-in, and their points are added to their school’s overall score. The student starts by traveling to one of the geo-set locations, testing the pH of the water, and recording it in the app.

Organizing and drawing different “screens” for the app

Based on the water conditions, the app will calculate how many different kinds of organisms could survive in the water. The student gains points based on the number of locations they visit and the number of organisms they collect. The goal of this app is to motivate students to get out in nature and learn more about aquatic organisms’ environments. Below is a link to my demo video with a user:



The finer details of creating an app posed as a small problem for me. While I was working on the navigation, I quickly realized how many different “screens” I would actually need in my app if I were to program it. In the future I would keep in mind to start with a very simple idea and grow from it, as opposed to starting off with a more complicated theme. It raised the question of, “how can I make the app easier for citizens to use without cutting back on the creativity or uniqueness?”

What I Enjoyed

I thoroughly enjoyed the process of being able to translate my own ideas down on paper and then to simulate it as an app. Being able to physically see my app come to life was a really neat experience, and it encouraged me to come up with more ideas for potential apps. I also liked being able to simulate the app with a user as opposed to simply having someone look at my drawings. It was easier for them to get the real feel of the app and to be able to give me useful feedback.

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