Crowdholding — the open innovation community

Crypto mass adoption is not just a cliché term for us. This is what we are trying to facilitate on daily bases and constantly looking for new ways both to on-board new users and teach them about crypto, as well as give our users new and exciting ways to earn more crypto. Because, as we like to say, the best way to learn about crypto is to hold crypto! Thus, we are happy to announce that Birdchain and Crowdholding platform have joined their forces to create more exciting opportunities to learn, earn and even influence!

What is Crowdholding? 
Crowdholding is an open innovation platform where the community and businesses meet to innovate and solve business challenges. The community gets early access to products and influences the development, creating products people actually want.
There are two types of users there: Creators and Bounty Hunters. Using Crowdholding platform, creators find solutions to everyday business problems. They are free to experiment with upcoming products & services even before they are polished. While Bounty Hunters tell their friends about the new projects they discovered, and earn crypto for participating in promoting the businesses they love.

If you want to learn more about Crowdholding, make sure you click here and visit their platform. P.S. can you find Birdchain’s task there? ;)