How the Birdchain dapp will be enrolled

Hi community,

We are extremely happy to announce that the alpha version of the Birdchain dapp is ready to be tested!

The first testing phase of our alpha version will consist of the following:

  1. Today we will pick and contact 10 community members that expressed the wish to test alpha release;
  2. These 10 people will download the dapp and test it for a week;
  3. On Thursday and Friday we will interview the alpha testers and collect information about UX/UI, bugs, and overall experience;
  4. We plan that our developers will fix the reported bugs in a week;
  5. Depending on the success of initial tests and fixes, another 20–50 people will be chosen to test the Birdchain dapp;
  6. The second round of testing will take another week and the results will be gathered via form.
  7. Our developers will analyse the testers feedback, improve the dapp, and fix the bugs;
  8. You will be informed about the further guidelines of corrections, improvements, and testing.

We understand that some of our community members would also have liked the opportunity to tryout the preliminary round of alpha version, however, at this stage, we believe this is the best testing/enrollment model due to the following reasons:

  1. Controlled testing. Starting with a small pool of users on the first test run will allow us to interview each of the testers individually and extensively. The second run will deliver a debugged and improved version to a slightly larger pool of testers. This will allow us to get a very clear and comprehensive feedback on the alpha version of the Birdchain dapp. Controlled testing looks slower, but in fact it is faster way to enroll the dapp. If all testers would start testing it at once, it would be very difficult for us to control the feedback and fix the issues properly and on time, thus taking more time to enroll the dapp.
  2. Security. This is an alpha release. It is bound to have a few bugs and vulnerabilities. But we are also aware that our hardcore community members are the best testers — they will understand that these bugs exist and the importance to properly report and correct them.
  3. Business. The first businesses to adopt Birdchain services will be various crypto-related and blockchain-related companies. Although they are very interested in using Birdchain services, they do not feel need to use it right now. They would like to wait out the bear market and save their marketing budget for the bulls. Which is a good thing for Birdchain — we have a little bit more time to prepare the dapp for them.
  4. Service. We want to avoid pushing an imperfect version of the dapp that could hurt Birdchain on the long run. That is why we would like to take this still period to do proper testing and bug-fixing.

These are the four main reasons why we chose this model of dapp enrollment. We know that our community understands and values long term vision for Birdchain, instead of immediate but fleeting fireworks. We are grateful for the support shown throughout all this path we are walking together. Thank you.

We will have a QnA session on YouTube:

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