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Dr. Gordon Jones
3 min readSep 7, 2018

UHX, for me, is the culmination of all my work and life experiences inside and outside of healthcare. You see, I am not only a healthcare executive with a 25-year diverse career in several sectors of the health service and healthtech industry, I am the son of a physician and hospital executive.

When I was first introduced to cryptocurrency and the underlying blockchain technology enabling it, I realized this was an opportunity for us to decentralize the funding, finance, payment, and delivery of healthcare around the world. An idea began to brew, and we started reaching out to others to help refine the model and systems. So, we assembled a strong team of healthtech and blockchain tech, and other experts to execute on our idea.

Healthcare is not just a mess in the United States, it is also highly inefficient and ineffective in virtually every other country of the world. Just because it is designated as a fundamental right in many countries does not mean the government is doing a great job of delivering healthcare to its people.

We see that Blockchain gives us the opportunity to change the business model of healthcare instead of just making it more efficient. We have been fortunate to have captured the attention of many others in our vision and we expect UHX to be of tremendous benefit to many people.

The UHX team is busy as heck in the throes of our recently opened Presale of the UHX Token in prep for our official Token Sale (ICO) in a month.

If you’re not familiar with our project to reinvent healthcare delivery and payment through the use of blockchain and cryptocurrency technology, go here www.UHX.io to learn about it! We are opening up a Public Presale for those outside the US and only Accredited Investors (an SEC term) from inside the US. This presale will be continuing the discount program we established in the private presale back in Dec/Jan.

If you have not contributed yet and you wish to take advantage of the discount program, email me back so we may talk about it. You should also register here: https://kyc.universalhealthcoin.com/formkyc

Now that we will have reached our Token Functionality Point in the first week of Sept, we’ve set the stage to generate the UHX tokens and making them available for purchase through your UHX Wallets later in the month. If you have registered but haven’t set up your UHX Wallet yet, login in here to check on the status of your approval: https://kyc.universalhealthcoin.com/signin

Other exciting news is that we will be listed on the new Stellar X exchange soon after the launch of the Token Sale exposing UHX to all of the Stellar community and making UHX available to be hosted in other Stellar based Wallets. But since you can hold BTC, ETH, XLM and USD in your UHX Wallet securely, why move it out?!! Let me know any thoughts or questions you may have about the Presale, Token Sale, and/or UHX Wallets.



Dr. Gordon Jones

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