Whether you’re a Big Apple local or visiting from out of town, there’s no shortage of things to do in NYC during the holiday season. There’s nothing quite like winter in New York, from the festive lights and décor to the fresh dusting of snow covering the city streets. But if you’re searching for true holiday magic, there’s just one place you need to be this holiday season: Birdland Jazz Club.

With a storied history that dates back to the late 1940s, Birdland has long been host to the best jazz shows NYC has to offer. Iconic names like John…

New York City is the birthplace of some of the world’s biggest genres of music: Hip Hop, punk rock, and most famously, jazz. As the jazz capital of the world, New York boasts some of the finest and oldest jazz clubs in the world. NYC is the place where the greatest jazz musicians of all time honed their craft. Much of the city’s culture itself originated in jazz. Jazz culture and history are hidden throughout the city, so make sure to stop into a traditional Jazz club. …

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Jazz music is one of the fastest evolving genres in the history of American culture. No other musician in the entire style of jazz has contributed more to the culture, music, or history of jazz than “Sir” Duke Ellington.

With career accomplishments and music spanning multiple decades, Sir Duke has played, wrote, and toured, with jazz’s biggest names for nearly 40 years.

A jazz concert is not complete without a piece written by this man, who is undoubtedly one of the greatest jazz performers of all time.

Duke Ellington’s Music Early Life

Born in 1899 in Washington DC as Edward Kenny Ellington, Duke began taking…

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Events You Won’t Want to Miss this Fall at Birdland Jazz Club

If you are a jazz lover, no visit to New York City is complete without a visit to the Birdland Jazz Club. Since opening its doors in 1949, Birdland has hosted hundreds of the most talented jazz bands and singers. The club has a phenomenal lineup of incredibly gifted jazz artists this fall, so make sure you plan your New York trip around these sensational shows.

The Liebman, Copland and Alessi Quintet

Renowned jazz musicians David Liebman, Marc Copland, Ralph Alessi, Joey Baron, and Drew Gress can be experienced live from September 3 through September 7. This show is the first appearance for these performers as…

Jazz music is one of the most revered genres in music history, with a past, present, and future filled with powerful stories, iconic musicians, and significant culture influence. While the majority of music lovers believe they possess a certain understanding of jazz music, many may be surprised to learn the massive impact it’s had on many modern-day music genres. In fact, the reach of jazz music is so substantial that if you were to dive into the musical influences and inspirations of a handful of your favorite artists, you’d be likely to follow those roots directly to jazz.

What genres did jazz influence?

Jazz music…

Since 1949, some of the biggest names in jazz have performed at Birdland in New York City. One of the most premier talents to walk through these doors being Kurt Elling. Although he got his start in Chicago, he quickly made a name for himself by frequenting our jazz club in NYC.

His Career

While Elling attended Gustavus Adolphus College, he sang in a 70-person acapella choir. Although he studied history and religion, he soon discovered a passion for jazz. Elling toured Europe with his choir, and after returning to the States, he listened intently to the music of Ella Fitzgerald and…

Born in New Orleans in the early 20th century, jazz was the genre of choice for many music enthusiasts. Beloved for its lively tempos and originality, jazz filled the dance halls of America and even hopped the pond to make a splash in Europe and the United Kingdom. Over the years, jazz popularity has waxed and waned as mainstream tastes have changed. After a stint as academic fodder, is a revival finally on the horizon?

Jazz Popularity

While the popular imagination cast jazz listeners as members of the older generations, the genre is increasingly popular with people under 30. …

Since 1949, the Birdland Jazz Club in New York City has offered the highest quality entertainment. Our upcoming show in late March starring Laura Osnes is no different. Nominated for Tony Awards for performances in multiple musicals, there is no question that Laura Osnes’ talent is beyond impressive. ― Learn more about her journey as an artist through her performance of Repertoire Roulette.

Laura Osnes — Broadway Beauty

Laura Osnes was born in Burnsville, Minnesota in 1985. However, she began her passion for performance in the city of Eagan, where she spent most of her childhood and adolescent years. …

Entitled “Move On: A Sondheim Adventure,” the new album recorded and written by Cyrille Aimee / Stephen Sondheim shatters expectations within the jazz genre. World-renowned vocalist Cyrille Aimee recorded the songs written by famous composer Stephen Sondheim as a way to depict her musical journey and view on life, making the album a beautiful autobiography. Its unique composition causes this record to enter uncharted territory, both in the jazz industry and within Aimee herself.

Who Is Cyrille Aimee?

Born and raised in Samois-sur-Seine, France, Aimee was heavily influenced by the gypsy jazz of her homeland. She grew up singing on street corners and first…

by Birdland Director of Programming, Ryan Paternite

For more than twenty-two years I have programmed the music at Birdland Jazz Club, and since June of 2018, the new Birdland Theater. In doing so, I listen to a lot of music every year. I have to. Much of it is in the form of private Soundcloud playlists, three-track samplers, EPKs on Youtube, or other works in progress or promotionally oriented compilations designed to solicit live performance opportunities. And I can usually gauge compatibility within the span of such a sampler.

But I also receive, stream, read about, and seek out, many of the full length jazz recordings released…

Birdland Jazz Club

Established in 1949, the NYC jazz club Charlie Parker called, “The Jazz Corner of the World.” Edited by Ryan Paternite. Submissions: rp@birdlandjazz.com

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