Why Cool Jazz is the Bee’s Knees

Anna Tamilia

When you hear jazz with relaxed tempos, lighter sound and orchestral sounding arrangements, you’re most likely listening to the style of music known as cool jazz. There is an incredible variety of this style of music, ranging from intense and intricate to light-hearted and melodic.

Played in the United States as early as the late 1940’s, cool jazz was a musical reaction to the loud, fast, energetic style of bebop music. Many consider Miles Davis to be the creator of cool jazz music, and people still listen to his “Birth of the Cool” recordings to this day. If you’re wondering whether cool jazz is worth listening to, here are some reasons to at least give it a try.

Increases Your Focus and Energy

Listening to more upbeat and intricate cool jazz music can cause your brain to produce a more stimulating type of brainwave. This stimulation can result in an increased heart rate and a higher threshold for physical and mental fatigue. Whether you’re working out or concentrating on a project at work, listening to cool jazz can have a positive impact on your productivity.

Provides Stress Relief

As a massage relaxes your muscles, listening to cool jazz can help your brain relax. The slower, melodic songs in this genre can help induce a calmer mental state and even induce better sleep. Since it counteracts many of the negative effects stress has on your body, listening to cool jazz can help your body stay healthy or even heal more quickly.

Promotes Creativity

When you distract parts of your brain by listening to music like cool jazz, the other parts of your brain are forced to work harder to compensate. Activating these often neglected areas can lead to a boost in creativity and non-traditional thinking. Creativity is also increased when your stress level is reduced, which is another byproduct of listening to cool jazz.

Improves Your Mood

One of the best ways to get in a better mood quickly is by going to a live concert. Many great cool jazz artists put on an excellent visual performance in addition to having excellent audio and being around other people who also enjoy cool jazz can initiate feelings of comradery and well-being.

Find Live Cool Jazz in NYC

To get a true feel for jazz, it can be helpful to watch it performed live in addition to listening to it at home or on a portable device. When you want to see some of the most compelling artists in current jazz music, visit BIRDLAND for an incredible experience. A destination for jazz fans and artists since 1949, there’s no better place to begin or continue your love of jazz.