I don’t have a problem with disagreement.
Mark Green

Hi Mark,

I don’t think your response is too long at all; this is an important topic. I completely agree with you that calling others that don’t agree with you a piece of shit is both wrong and counterproductive. It seems odd that one even has to have a discussion about this?

I think Pascal was right on how to change people’s minds — and it isn’t by slinging insults. https://qz.com/778767/to-tell-someone-theyre-wrong-first-tell-them-how-theyre-right/

If you truly wish to change minds, you need to focus on what achieves the desired result. Getting clicks and changing minds aren’t the same thing though; right now in this political climate to maximize clicks you need to be polarized & emotional, ala CJ’s tagline about “pieces of shit”.

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