An Open Letter to the “Diamond People” and the Public at Large

Hello friend,

My name is Ivan Andantes. Of course that’s not my real name. I’m an adjunct professor in one of the country’s more elite schools, which for obvious reasons will be unnamed.

Yes, the Diamond People are real. Everyone knows someone who’s rumored to be a Diamond, so everyone who isn’t bound by the constraints of polite society already talks about it freely.

More people need to confidently allow themselves to believe the rumors, if only because it’ll save us all time, and possibly a few lives as well.

The conversations in the circles I run in have taken a disturbing turn in the past ten years or so. While there has always been a waxing and waning strain of genetic elitism in Diamond circles, the trend is increasingly toward the separation of classes with unmerited prestige given to Diamonds. This isn’t a secret. Simply read any of the philosophies and manifestos of Diamond writers through the past century; they’re open of their desire to separate humanity to their advantage, even if the points are buried deep in the pages of esoteric literature.

But even the most casual reader Diamond philosopher Anderson Culver knows about his philophy laid out in Givers, Takers, Dreamers. He and his “disciples” call themselves “genetic exceptionalists”, which is basically the same thing as genetic supremacy, renamed slip past modern stigmas. The Diamonds, they say, with their unquestionable genetic superiority, are the givers, because of our much greater longevity and resistance to injury. Non-diamonds (“muggles”? sorry!), of course, are the “takers”.

But don’t be deceived by these innocuous sounding buzzwords: the “givers” will never give without strings attached. Even if fiat currency isn’t involved, there will always be a price for “takers”, and to submit fully to the mindset of a “taker” means to abandon choice.

The source of our genetic shifts has popularly been attributed to evolutionary progress. This bolsters the claims of some Diamonds to elitism and supremacy. But this is a bald faced lie. The source of our strength is a glorified open secret among the “enlightened” (although newer generations of Diamonds are being given alternative histories and discouraged from thinking or reading too hard): literally anyone in the world could become a Diamond if he or she knew where the source was, which is an almost literal fountain of youth. I don’t personally know the specifics of the location or the science behind it, but I can assure you it’s far less grand than a mysterious intervention by evolutionary biology.

I’m writing this as a warning, first to the general public. The open secret of the Diamonds is going to be broken into mainstream society very soon. It’s extremely likely the Diamonds will use language to describe themselves as something other than human. They will attempt to use their extreme longevity and resistance to injury to justify being treated with unearned and undeserved reverence. They will market themselves to differently to all facets of society, telling them what they want to hear. To Christians they might be prophets or messiahs, to Atheists they might be Ubermenschen or Overmen​. God knows how many other approaches they will take, with Jews, Muslims, Hindus, Vegans, Whovians — use your imagination.

They will appeal to your every insecurity, your every longing for a higher form of life, even for your innate longing for a deity. Don’t be fooled for one second. Diamonds have brains no more powerful or wiser than any other human. Their physical superiority certainly does not translate into any other kind of superiority. I will grant that our long lives can lead to increased knowledge and experience (tho I’m barely 30 myself), but apart from that, we are just like you.

I’m also writing this as a warning to the Diamonds. The “disciples” of Anders Culver and other philosophers and theologians like him want to believe there are no supernatural repercussions for ill behavior. And it’s always tempting for exceptional people groups to convince themselves they ought to throw off the shackles of “petty human constructs” in pursuit of a stricter form of control they feel entitled to. But the physical part of the universe is only one small aspect of it. Physical advantage does not translate to spiritual superiority. And in a universe of spiritual activity, we are near the bottom of the totem pole.

There’s so much more to say. I will write it down when the time is right, and when I feel ready. I’m already risking enough just by saying all this; I know I’m already creating a paper trail. Oh well. I’m working under the assumption that all my secrets will be out someday, which is true for everyone.

Take all this to heart, everyone.

Very Respectfully,

Ivan Andantes

Reluctant Founder of the Birds With Teeth Movement

“Though no one is fully wise or innocent, we all must strive to be so.”

-Billy Harrington, among the first freed American slaves, one of the very first Diamonds, and one of the greatest as well. 1851-????



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