How To Resolve Sling TV not working issues on Roku

Sling Not Working

Strolling through the channels on Sling TV on your Roku, you stumble upon something you like. You play the channel nut nothing happens. You try it again but to the same result. Now you start panicking, relaunching app and doing the same thing over and over to the same outcome. here sling customer service gives you full support.

While Roku is one of the finest media streaming devices out there, some problems are bound to slip through. In case you come across one of these problems, lucky for you, there are a lot of things you can do to resolve them.

Here are some troubleshooting methods you can try if you are having a problem with your Sling TV on your Roku.


First thing first, if you are having any problem with Sling TV or any application on your Roku for that matter, you should restart your device. Restart is one of the most common and effective troubleshooting methods when it comes to digital devices.

Restarting your device reboots your device functioning and blows new life into your device. Even if you are not having a problem with the device, it is recommended you restart your device every now and then to keep the device at its best.

Internet Issues

If restarting the device doesn’t help resolve the problem, you should check your internet. Network issues most likely cause streaming and other account issues. Simply visit a different website to check if the internet is working properly. If your internet is not working, try rebooting your router/modem or call your internet service provider.

If your internet is working, check whether the device is getting strong enough signals to stream Sling TV online. Often weak signals cause slow internet and interrupt streaming. Try moving the device closer to the wireless router and avoid any obstructions.

Sign out — Sign in

If that fails to resolve your issues as well, there are some intermitted or account issues that can keep you from using Sling TV. All you need to do is sign out of your account from the application or channel on Roku, wait for a few minutes and sign back in.

Once you sign back into your account, you should be able to stream Sling TV as usual.


If that doesn’t resolve your problem either, there is a strong possibility that your application is outdated. To keep up with the ever evolving technology and rising threats on the internet, developers are releasing application updates practically every other day.

Miss enough updates and your application will stop working properly. While devices like Roku update the applications automatically, you can do it manually as well if the device fails to do so. These updates are important because they keep your device safe and add new and exciting features to your service.


When all fails, you can try reinstalling the channel on Roku. Many problems an application might have can potentially interrupt your access. Not to mention, things like application data, cache and history don’t help the cause either. Over time, the application keeps collecting data until it collapses its functioning.

This data is saved by the application to personalize and improve user experience; it’s ironic how it eventually ends up degrading it instead. To resolve these issues, all you need to do is reinstall the application.


· Open Roku

· Go to My Channels

· Navigate to Sling TV

· Click Options (the * symbol)

· Select “Remove channel”

· Click OK

· Confirm the action by selecting “Remove channel” again

This will remove the application from your device. Now, you can reinstall the application but don’t forget to restart your device beforehand.

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