Sorry, Edward.
Warren Coughlin

Warren, why does it scare you that someone does not share your views? Is your social network and community that small that you cannot accept diversity as you claim? Please, let me help you here. Evangelical Christians have a different set of moral standards than people who use the word “Christian” to describe themselves as “non-every other religion-but-I-do-believe-there-is-a-God”. It is as strong a faith as the Jewish faith, the Islamic faith, and the Catholic religion. Each has their own ideas on how to live, worship, and interact. This is why we have had centuries of war. There is a certain amount of danger in inviting polarized cultures to mix freely in the same environments, which is why people naturally tend to congregate where they feel most comfortable.

I will use a restaurant as example, and maybe it will be easier for you all to understand the situation. If a restaurant does not seat its patrons, the patrons will naturally space themselves apart into comfort zones, and place themselves next to people they feel most comfortable eating near. If they don’t see a comfortable space, they will refuse to sit, and choose to eat at another restaurant. Unless restaurants place their patrons, their facilities will never be at more than 75% capacity. America is one huge restaurant. We invite all kinds of cultures and ideals who are diametrically opposed to each other to eat with us, and then we sit in our own comfort zones and expect everyone to get along. Over the past century, several more distinctive cultures that are also opposed to others have come into our restaurant with their families, friends, and private armies. The management has also sat more patrons among everyone else and told us all to eat in peace, not realizing that once this restaurant operates at capacity, the comfort level will be too stressed, and the restaurant won’t be able to adequately meet our needs. At some point, decisions need to be made. One option is to close the restaurant when it reaches cultural capacity. If remaining patrons refuse to get along with the existing patrons, they may need to choose to find another restaurant, thereby relieving the restaurant of some stress. A second option is to ask the patrons who are making it difficult for the rest of the patrons to enjoy their meals to find some place else to dine.

A third option is to change the menu so the patrons can decide for themselves if they want to eat at the restaurant or not. For the past eight years, conservatives have adapted to a menu that has become very liberal and quite unpalatable to them. The new management has arrived and is promising to change the menu. Conservatives don’t expect a new menu, as the management is clearly not conservative. However, his chef is, and the management has allowed him some considerations. Some liberal ideas on the menu will remain, some ingredients will be altered, and some items will be removed from the menu altogether simply because most of the patrons refuse to eat them, and it’s hurting the restaurant. In response, some of the disgruntled patrons have chosen to burn and loot the restaurant.

Instead of destroying the restaurant, theses patrons may want to either try the new menu for a while like the other patrons did, or they might decide to change restaurants for a while until the management changes again. There are many good restaurants out there, each with wonderful patrons and menus that are great options for unique tastes.

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