Dealing With Stress The Right Way: Tips To Make Sure You Will Have A Better Day

The life of a college student is absolutely demanding. Imagine all the school requirements you have to finish before the deadline such as projects, term papers, researches, and so much more. Tiring isn’t it? In addition, you still have other responsibilities to juggle like your tasks at home, a part-time job, or even your relationship. It isn’t surprising numerous college students are experiencing a stressful day. The bright side of it is you can overcome stress with simple tips and turn it into a daily habit. Not only will you give yourself a great favor but you won’t negatively affect people around you as well. Here are some tips which you can apply in your everyday life.

Give enough time for your sleeping

In an article from Brown University Health Promotion discussing about usual college health issues, it emphasizes the importance of getting 8 hours of sleep in a day. This should also be done by college students. Yes, you are busy with all the things you have to finish in school but don’t ever forget to take care of yourself first. As much as possible have an adequate time of sleeping in order for you to revitalize your energy and be prepared for the next day. If you fail to get enough sleep, the consequences would result to more concerns. Sleep debts can make your immune system weaker; hence, you will be prone to more sickness. Furthermore, you can experience confusion, irritability, and depression since your brain fails to have the rest it needs. Expect also to have a significant change in sleeping patterns. Prevent these by sleeping enough.

Consume little amount or totally avoid alcohol, nicotine, and caffeine.

There are students who rely on coffee or cigarette to help them combat stress. At times, an alcohol is included in the options especially when they want to enjoy the day and temporarily forget first everything that bothers them. Truth be told, these things would just pile up to the stress you have because it will turn your system to be dependent on them. Caffeine-induced beverages like coffee heighten your alertness and make it difficult for you to relax. If you’re a smoker, you’ll crave for more cigarettes whenever you are stressed since the nicotine content is the substance that your body is familiar with. Alcohol slows down your reflexes and gives you a hangover feeling the next day. Instead of what appears like stress-relievers can actually cause more stress in the long run. Lessen or better yet, totally avoid alcohol, cigarette, and coffee.

Think first before reacting

You can’t predict what will happen next in your current situation. You can never control what people will say to you. There are different factors which can push you beyond your limitations. When emotions get in your way, your rational thinking can become clouded. One act done out of impulse can become a lifetime of regret and stress you out whenever you remember what happened. This is when you have to remind yourself to think first before reacting. Breathe deeply when you are provoked. Handle the situation professionally. Don’t fall into the trap that others might expect you will commit. It’s a whole lot better to have a delayed response than face a worse and compromising situation the next time around because of what you did today.

Find an outlet for your negative emotions

Never allow all the stress pent up inside you. You have to find ways to burst all your negative emotions rather than wait for the moment you will suddenly explode. A good way to let these all go is through writing. Dr. James W. Pennebaker conducted a research before on college students and checked on the effect of expressive writing. One of the results of this study showed that this kind of writing indeed lessen the anxiety and stress for them. The participants often write without any inhibitions at all and confront their feelings and thoughts in the content of what they are sharing. Aside from writing, listening to your favorite genre of music alleviates unnecessary negative thinking as well. Your attention is totally diverted to the lyrics, melody, or over-all message of the song. Others are even carried away with the music they’re playing. It is recommended to have an assigned playlist for every time you overwhelmed with stress and don’t know what to do anymore. It’s normal to feel down sometimes but if you aren’t doing anything to lift yourself from that mood then you are just prolonging and increasing the stress you feel. Writing and listening to music can change what you feel and think in just a span of few minutes.

Manage your time well

Avoid procrastination. Once the deadline was set by your professors for a certain school project or paper, try to do it little by little rather than wait for the day wherein you aren’t sure if you can still beat the deadline because you wasted precious time. Tons of school requirements would just add to your stress. It would be advisable to have a study habit on a daily basis like reading your notes or books for an hour or two. Moreover, learn how to firmly say ‘No’. Don’t think too much as to what they’ll say if you decline a favor asked from you. Worry more if you already promised to accomplish it but the truth is you can’t really do it in the first place. You have your own limits when it comes to your time spent and efforts exerted. Once you get a hold of how to manage your time well, stress will just be a smaller part of the whole picture.

Treat yourself once a week

You are not a mechanical robot which is programmed to complete all your tasks while strictly following a routine. There’s more to life than just the responsibilities you have to carry out. Don’t let stress eat you from inside until you feel like you’re just dragging yourself to school just for the sake of finishing what is expected from you. It is very important to avoid having a monotonous life by doing something different on weekends. How about you treat yourself with your favorite food and stay in a relaxing ambiance. Read a chapter of a book from a beloved author or do a movie marathon of your celebrity crushes. Have the quality ‘me time’ once a week. In this way, you will have a renewed strength and inspiration to conquer those stressful days ahead. List all things you want to do and try for yourself. You will definitely look forward for the next weekend and wouldn’t mind how many days left before the weekday is over.

Spend time with people you trust and talk to them

In dealing with stress, you have the option to face it by yourself or ask help from people you trust. Remember that you are never alone in the problems you are encountering. There are always those who love you and willing to extend their helping hand. These are the people who will go out of their way just to provide the time you need until you feel better again. But of course, they can’t exactly guess what you are feeling at the moment and that’s why you have to speak for yourself. A heart-to-heart talk with your parents and siblings is absolutely a big relief. After all, your family will be there for you no matter what happens. Don’t forget your friends too especially those who knows you for a long time or those whom you trust with your life. You can see your family and friends and for sure, they’ll give you that much needed long, tight, and warm hugs. If this is not possible because they are miles away, a heartfelt phone or video call conversation is truly a huge help already. Stress is just a superficial feeling compared to the encouragement and love you will get from people who care for you.

These are just some of the ways wherein you can overcome stress. Make the most out of your college years by balancing your priorities while still having fun. It’s possible. Give it a try.