And we can all name a lot of things that are broken: healthcare, education, homelessness and poverty, food waste, climate change… need I continue?
I’m Done Pretending Silicon Valley Tech Is Visionary
Marco Marandiz

That’s the point here.

I’m not part of the SV community and I don’t work for a startup. I’m not even from the US. From this outside point sometimes it seems that most of the startups are still about making quick money with the One Idea, which is ok, of course. It’s also encouraged by the investors who hunt for a big userbase (as it became the new currency of success).

But in the meantime, there are these areas (and a lot more) where the knowledge of these smart SV people could really change the world. Like the industrial markets where softwares are still look like the were developed in ’95 with bad usability and high complexity.

If anyone asks me I really think that operating a power plant more efficiently has much higher impact on the world then having the twenty-fifth “groundbreaking” email application on an iPhone.