Dear Mormon Man, tell me what you would do.
Amy McPhie Allebest

I respect your opinion but alot of this is false and some has nothing to do with church. You don’t discuss your “private parts” in interviews I know I just got back from one. In the church women are highly respected for so many reasons and are encouraged to go on missions, attend school just as much as encouraged to raise a family and if anything the church emphasizes less on being cute than other religions because there are lines that are made clear not to pass. The reason we dont talk about heavenly mother is because we dont know much about her the bible doesn’t talk about her much nor does the book of Mormon. Men are taught purity lessons as much as women and I have never in church been made to think I need to change for a man in fact I have been taught that I should want to be cherished and loved and not lusted after and wanted and that I should want to cherish and love a man and not lust after and want him but actually feel true love. Lastly I dont think you truly understand the priesthood is doesn’t trump women or make those who are in the church feel unequal we are not helpless women who need to be saved from the controlling clutches of the men who hold the priesthood . Eve was made from Adams rib because they were meant to stand side by side not one above the other, the priesthood is a beautiful thing that helps men and women everywhere. I know that is comes from God because I have felt it in the deepest part of who I am. In blessings given through the priesthood I have had exact words repeated back to me that had only been said in my heart during a pleading prayer. The priesthood is wonderful and it doesn’t bring anyone down. So I respect your right to be what ever religion you so wish and your right to share this but I think that you should talk to people who are in the church and I promise most will tell you what I just did. So please next time don’t try to twist the beliefs that a lot of people hold really dear to their hearts, because I have never tried to do that to you or anyone else.