Portfolio: Birna Ketilsdóttir Schram

Creative Leadership & Visual Storytelling

Behind every project is a soul with a story worth telling. As a visual storyteller I love documenting and sharing these stories.

I have a passion for bringing creative minds together and make ideas come alive. During the last years I have gained experience in content management, creative leadership, photography, art direction and project management.

I am a third year student at the Kaospilot, a hybrid business school focusing on creative leadership and project management.

Here you can find my CV.

Kvinde Bjørn

I am constantly developing my photographic skill as a tool to bring my visions to life.

Here you can see my recent work.

Instagram is an important platform for me. I use it to share my work easily to the world, connect and get inspired by people all around the world.
Visual Collaboration between Birna and Saskeye

Recent Projects

2014 // Co-founder & Editor-in-Chief of Blær

I co-founded and lead the core team of Blær. Blær is a web magazine that works to bridge the gap between a magazine and a website. The aim for the webzine is to be both highly visual and interactive.

Blær received four local awards for the project, including the Icelandic Graphic Design Award and The most interesting web at the Icelandic Web Awards.

Design by Júlía Runólfsdóttir
While we are at it: A collaborative project about the Westfjords in Iceland between Blær and the Icelandic Outdoor brand 66 north.

2017 // Content producer for Creativity World Forum

I am currently working as a content producer for Creativity World Forum, Europe’s largest conference on creativity in 2017.

I am the editor of Creative Minds, an interview series with influencers from the design industry sharing different takes on creativity.

~inquires ~ birnaketils@gmail.com.