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Frontend Developer and UX/UI Designer with a background in fashion design.

Ironhack Week 6 — Curated Event Microsite

About the Competition:

First steps

Accessible Webdesign — Final Project at Ironhack Bootcamp

Gemeinsam e.V. Prototype and responsive version after 2 weeks of work

About the Stakeholder:

Our Exercise for the two weeks:

Ironhack Week 5 — Editorial Design plus responsive Design

1. Visual Competitor Analysis

Week 3 Ironhack Bootcamp

The client — Fun People:

Ironhack Week 4 Add a feature

Step 1 - Competitor Analysis

Ironhack Bootcamp, Week 2

1. The client

Schmuck Fritz

Ironhack Bootcamp Week 1

1. User Center Design

Results from User Survey

Next steps:

  • 2. guerilla testing
  • 3. Affinity Diagram
  • 4. Empathy Map

5. User Persona

Ironhack Pre Work - Challenge 3

Ironhack Pre Work _Challange 1

Ironhack Pre Work - Challenge 2

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