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Week 3 Ironhack Bootcamp

Birte Brauer
Nov 9 · 4 min read

In Week there we we’re asked to build a e-learning platform for a steakholder called “Fun People”.
This article will show the way from brief to the result in Mid- and Hi-fi.

The client — Fun People:

Fun People Inc. is an educational company born in 2014. They currently offer in-person courses of languages, music, yoga, cooking and first-aid for adults. Their main attraction is workshop camps. Dozens of people join every month the workshops in different locations, as the school has a very special recipe: they integrate classes, outdoor activities, technology, humor, games, and other cool stuff to their mission of teaching people additional skills.

However, many people are unable to attend the workshop camp due to time and cost reasons, but still, want to take part in a course. Fun People Inc. needs a way to provide an engaging online experience for people who cannot attend the workshop camp.

1. Guerilla Testing & online survey

The first step was to do a guerilla testing to find the main points of user interest. We found that users are struggling with finishing their online course because they are all on their own, so they would wish for a community to keep it going.
To test if this opinion fits really to a crowd of people or is not only place given, we started an online survey. Here you can find the main outcome:

2. Affinity Map and feature prioritization map

To get a good overview of what users told in the guerilla test, we decided to organize the outcome with a affinity map:

After the survey, we decided to think about what features are needed based on the wishes of our users:

3. Benchmarking and positioning map

We found that our competitors are mostly concentrate on on section (like language) and mostly are video based. Competitors like udemy offer more sections but there is no opportunity to speak to a teacher. Also it is very expensive. We want to position our client in a more innovate and less expensive way.

4. Persona Definition

How might we create an engaging online learning experience that keeps learners attention and focus?

6. Solution

Design a light version of the workshop camp that combines benefits of the popular e-learning platforms and connects learners.

7. Wire framing and Iterations

We started with lo-fi wireframes came to mid-fi and did a paper prototype to test and iterate our ideas. After testing we added some more pages and started working out the prototype.

We included VR/AR to our program offer, in cause it is very innovative and already 40% would like to use it right now. In future the market will grow so our client would be a leading company in that point.

8. Mid-fi Prototype

Main Points:

  • users enters page and finds by categories the wished class
  • users can test his/her skills or just fill out if he/she already knows his/her level
  • users can choose between three cost plans that offering different ways of learning
  • users can customize their time schedule and lessons
  • users can join the community to compare to other, or just for getting help by classmates
  • users can offer events by themselves or join existing events of their class

9. Hi-fi insight

This is how our Hi-fi could look like.

10. Next steps

  • do Hi-Fi Prototype
  • Build a VR/AR Platform & bringing learning into life through immersive experiences

11. Learnings

  • Prioritize features to focus on main points of users interests & align with business needs

Birte Brauer

Written by

Fashion Designer www.birtebrauer.de -soon to be ux/ui Designer (Student at Ironhack)

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