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Ironhack Week 4 Add a feature

Birte Brauer
3 min readNov 8, 2019


In Week four I was asked to add a new feature to Instagram.

Instagram is an ad-supported online service for sharing photos and videos. It is a mixture of microblog and audiovisual platform and offers also online shopping. Instagram is owned by facebook.

The Project was to create a liking history and add the possibility to create a Moodboard where you can organize photos by yourself.
This means, you can upload photos to a moodboard visible on your profile screen and even add past likes to the same Moodboard.

Step 1 - Competitor Analysis

Main competitors at the moment are facebook, snapchat and tiktok. All of these social media platforms offer following functions, are video or photo based (or both) and reaches nearly the same audience.
A new competitor to be would be pinterest, because it is Moodboard focussed offers also following function and is photos based as well.

Step 2 - Interviews

Due to my interviews I found that 80% of the users would really like to have a function that makes it possible to organize the content by themself.
Only 20% do not see a need for that.

I also found that users really care about the structure of their profile.
If they could organize their content by themself they would upload more photos and videos.
If they would able to add likes to their profiles, they would do more likes as well as change the content they like, because now it is not anymore your for “helping friends getting higher” but to express themself.

Step 3 - User Persona definition

My Persona is based on the main audience of Instagram, under 18 year olds.

Step 4 - Wireframing

I just jumped into lo-fi wireframing, did some testing with my paper prototypes and did some iteration. After that, i build mid-fi and high-fi and test and iterate again. This is how I came to my Prototype hi-fi!

Step 5 - Prototype

Step 6-Next steps

My next steps would be to add a folder function to have the option to have more than one Moodboard. This would even give the possibility to have the option to name the Moodboards.

Step 7-Learnings

Don’t lose focus of the app, the feature is just a feature and not the main point of instagram.



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