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Ironhack Week 5 — Editorial Design plus responsive Design

Birte Brauer
3 min readNov 23, 2019


In week five at Ironhack, we worked in pairs to do an Editorial Desing in only 5 Days. The Persona was given:

1. Visual Competitor Analysis

With my background as a Fashion Designer it was not hard to find the competitors for a new fashion editorial, we choose Elle, Harpers Bazaar and Vogue to compare.

The Competitors acting very minimalistic but adding some strong colors like deep red and very shiny pink as a highlight.

2. Market Positioning (after Interviewing)

After Interviewing some people from Fashion Industrie, we found that there is no need for too much lifestyle orientation in a fashion editorial. This is how we came to place our Magazine “STILISTA” next to Vogue and Elle, very minimalistic and highly fashion-oriented.

3. Moodboard and Branding

Our Moodboard reflects the attributes of the editorial:



…and never GOSSIP

A clean design with a hint of rosé as highlight color makes Stilista feminine and minimalistic.

We use black as font color, have two different Fonts with serifs.

Our color palette goes from black through rosé, some shades of beige as background colors and white.

4. Wireframing and IA

After setting the main points as colors, fonts, etc. we did a card sorting test of our sitemap, did the IA and Wireframed lo-fi.

5. Prototype

6. Responsive Design

7. Next Steps and Learnings

  • Work out filter function
  • Prototype responsive designs
  • Bring editorial online

We learned how to work in groups with Figma and the differences between Figma and sketch. Also, this was our first week with principle and learned how to do some micro animations with it!



Birte Brauer

Frontend Developer and UX/UI Designer with a background in fashion design.