Birthday Box : The Inception

This is the story of how Birthday Box came into existence, what it is and where it is headed.

It’s been 3 months since we started working on Birthday Box. Though we had been in the events and entertainment business and had worked with some of the biggest organizations across the industry but we found simple events like kids birthdays were still a big problem to solve. We studied the gap areas keeping in mind our experience and expertise so that we can disrupt this domain. And we found our North Star — Simplified Birthdays @ Birthday Box!

I would like to share our story so that everyone can understand why we started Birthday Box, what it is, and where it’s headed.

The Existing Problems

· The present options don’t make efficient use of resources and technology.

· Can I book a museum? How can I find venues, which are experiential in nature?

· I am sick and tired of celebrating my kid’s birthday at the same place again and again.

· My kids birthday doesn’t need to be a celebration in terms of food & gifts only.

· The present websites are just listing venues and have contact information — the problem is still not solved.

· All available options tend to have a scattered list of party supplies, which are cheap products, can we create unique, customizable birthdays. Again there are no options available.

The list is long, and is in itself a long topic for discussion. Lets have a look at some FAQ about Birthday Box:

Why Birthdays, that too for kids only?

There were so many options when we started putting our brains together but chose Birthdays for a simple reason : we found the problem was real and needed immediate attention. All of us had at some point of time faced the problem of creating a memorable birthday experience for our kids.

There are so many (scattered) options but all are scattered and they do not connect with each other. To create a perfect birthday experience for your kid you have to go to ten different people to coordinate and execute, worst of all, the entire outcome was always unsatisfactory and full of surprises. Or if you could spend and simply hire a birthday planner who would take down your requirements and co-ordinate with all interfaces and execute — it becomes an expensive affair even with limited options. We chose solving this problem by aggregating all birthday elements as it would give infinite options to parents every time to create memorable experiences.

Regarding the Kids only option, we thought this is the segment which really needs immediate attention, once we have solved this we may think of graduating up the age ladder (but in a different way as above 12 years the requirements and sentiments are very different).

What describes Birthday Box?

The problem is really big and needed to be addressed, we drafted our own statement: -

A fun, magical day just for them, when all their wishes could come true…

Every child looks forward to their birthday and wants it to be special, we promise to make it one.

Parents know how important it is to create the right birthday experience for their children. There’s just one problem: planning a birthday is a lot of hard work!

Invitations, venues, decorations, food, drink, games, cakes, entertainment, gifts, guests… endless decision making, planning and organizing. What’s more, everything has to come together perfectly. It’s no wonder that parents end up exhausted, confused and even worried by birthdays — after all, no parent wants to disappoint their child.

It’s time for a better way. It’s time for Birthday Box!

Birthdays will be fun AGAIN !

Simply click and upload your child’s photo, provide basic information and see the magic unfold. Birthday Box instantly creates a comprehensive birthday blueprint for the big day, completely tailored to your child’s personality, at the click of a button. You can customize, fine tune and even order supplies, all from one place at the same time.

Birthday Box finally takes the hassle, stress and uncertainty out of birthdays. It couldn’t be faster, easier or cost effective to give your child the special day they deserve.

Try Birthday Box for yourself today. When you see the smile on your child’s face, you’ll be glad you did.

Logon to Birthday Box and create hassle free memories forever.

Whats Birthday Box’s role?

We are asked this question all the time. Some think we are birthday planners, while others think of us as a new age birthday suppliers, but technically speaking we are neither. Yes, we have certain traits that are similar to birthday planners (we are planning birthdays) and suppliers (we supply birthday elements), but we would like to think of ourselves as a technology and logistics platform that efficiently connects the birthday service suppliers (venues, bakers, caterers, talent, gift, planners, etc.) to the consumers (kids parents).

Anyone with a knack for birthdays domain, can be a part of the platform, we will nurture and guide him/her for more business and exposure.

We generate demand and handle fulfillment for the suppliers, allowing them to focus on what they do best — deliver great experiences.

Birthday Box —a unique USP

Birthday Box will help you create experiences and long lasting memorable moments. We are fans of design and technology, and since the beginning our philosophy has been to provide an experience, which is different and doesn’t burn hole in your pockets. We are building the platform right now and once it is up you will see the difference in our approach. One can expect to find ideas and products from all around the globe on Birthday Box. We will include a lot of resources, which are created by mompreneurs too; hence you will always have a feeling of homemade and home curated.

What are the products being offered?

So, the products that we are focusing on our platform are Venues, Catering, Invites & RSVP, Bakery, Costumes, Party Supplies, Entertainers, Gifts etc. The idea is to create a platform which is one stop for your all requirements related to birthdays.

What’s the future going forward?

I wish we knew the answer but what we know is that we would like to take this platform to major cities of India and then beyond, the entire world would be a stage. We have started with Gurgaon as the pilot because of its culture and potential. We have just begun is what I can say and “Tomorrow is New”

At Birthday Box, our mission is very simple — make it ridiculously easy to plan birthdays, we would provide users what they want, empower them to celebrate the special day in a unique way, enabling them to cherish hassle free memories forever. We now look forward to the exciting journey ahead!

Written by Naveen Gupta, Founder, Birthday Box