Bitway is a Bitcoin Mining Network

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Today it is almost impossible to find the area where the cryptocurrency would not have reached. The popularity of cryptocurrency makes us think about ways and technologies that will ensure their accessibility for ordinary people.
So friends, I present to you a profitable innovative program called Bitway. Bitway is a bitcoin mining network and which gives its users the opportunity to participate in a profitable mining operation. The scheme is simple. Platform users can invest in the network by buying and accumulating Bitway tokens, and thereby receive monthly payments from earnings from mining processes. The company is in favor of equitable and fair distribution of Bitway and plans to create a comprehensive, powerful, decentralized mining network.

In addition to this, Bitway has already proved its success and has been tested and approved by hundreds of users. Who have already managed to join the network. In addition, Bitway will be available for trading on several cryptocurrency exchanges in 2019.
The platform will use renewable hydropower at a very attractive price for mining. In addition, mobile mining containers and powerful ASIC equipment will be used. It, without options, a very profitable investment that will bring profit in a month.
For the convenience and comfort of users on the platform was developed software that allows you to track all mining operations in real time.

Let’s look at the roadmap of the project.
She points to the plans and goals of the project developers, both intermediate and major. The stages of financing and tasks for which it is directed are indicated. Acquainted with this card, we see what the company has already managed to do, at what stage is in the current moments and what are its plans for the future.
A high-quality roadmap will prompt investors when to expect an increase in the price of tokens.

February 2018 Project Plan
March 2018 Contract Development
May 2018 Project Development
July 2018 Establish Bitway Headquarters
April 2019 Launch of ICO
June 2019 investment of funds collected from ICO
July 2019 public exchange
August 2019 Planned full launch of mining.

At the end, we present all the main points and advantages of the Bitway platform.

  1. Effective mining bitcoin.
    A well-structured Bitcoin mining network has been created in which each user of the platform would be able to fully participate in the process and even those who do not have the technical knowledge and have no idea about the mining processes.
  2. Monthly payments in Ethereum
    Bitway token holders in their wallet automatically receive monthly payments in Ethereum.
  3. ASIC Hardware
    Bitway uses specialized hardware of integrated circuits with high speed, while consuming much less energy than mining installations of well-known competitors
  4. Powerful security
    Bitway has some technologically advanced security systems.
  5. Convenient interface
    Everything is done by professionals for easy use even by a novice on the platform.
  6. Responsive solution
    The platform is designed to work with various devices with screens of different sizes. Regardless of the type of device
    user can successfully use the platform.
    In conclusion, I would like to say that such a project has every chance of success in a crypto-community and bring profit to its investors in the near future. The team of professionals, which stands at the origins, a clear development plan, ideology and relevance make Bitway an advanced platform that helps the cryptocurrency sphere to make a breakthrough in the future.

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