XCARD All-in-One Wallet, Credit, Card Exchange

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XCARD is a unique, modern cryptocurrency wallet that will include not only support for cryptocurrency assets, but also wide interaction with fiat money. In addition to the digital wallet, credit cards will be present. This will allow you to carry out any financial operations and transactions with cryptocurrencies in real time without any restrictions. The company’s goal is to facilitate interaction with cryptocurrencies to the same extent as you used to use fiat funds. And all this will happen regardless of your level of knowledge and advancement in the field of cryptocurrencies. XCARD is a full-cycle ecosystem that consists of a wallet, card, exchange with the ability to API interface.
All this together creates an instant payment platform that essentially combines cryptocurrency and fiat money and the most convenient payment methods such as cards, bank transfers, transfers from one wallet to another and many other popular functions. As you understand the buyer and seller can now independently choose any currency that they want to use, while instant conversion takes place in any direction. In addition, XCARD provides the best transaction execution speed and the lowest commission on the market. Cooperation with well-known banking systems, such as VISA, allows users to make profitable transfers around the world. In addition, XCARD is a licensed platform located in the jurisdictions of Lithuania and Estonia.

The uniqueness of the instant exchange function of the XCARD wallet is that it uses a risk-free decentralized internalizer with the intellectual function of atomic swaps.
All funds are safe in wallets with several signatures or cold storage. This means that you will be the only person who has access to your money. To combine a combination of positive qualities, it is worth saying that the XCARD wallet supports a large number of financial assets and services. These include support for fiat currencies, cryptocurrencies, tokens, securities based on blockchain technology, irreplaceable tokens and collectibles and their auctions, e-commerce payment services, peer-to-peer transfers, loans and regular payments.

As you finally understood, now you have the opportunity to pay anywhere wherever you are, with any cryptocurrency and any payment card. XCARD wallet allows you to make and receive payments in the desired currency. Buyers and sellers will independently make the necessary and final decision.The platform’s unique decentralized internalizer allows payments to be made without waiting for network consensus and competitive interest rates. XCARD decentralized internalizer analyzes in various directions from various sources, such as affiliate exchanges, brokers, own pools and calculates the best exchange price currently available on the market in real time. XCARD allows you to trade more than 200 cryptocurrencies and altcoins, fiat funds and at the same time convert and convert directly and instantly.

In conclusion, we summarize some of the results and positive trends of the XCARD project:
1 SAFETY AND CONVENIENCE. This is an ideal opportunity to take your first step into the world of cryptocurrencies in a safe environment.
2 EASY PURCHASE OF Cryptocurrencies. The ability to buy Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies using your payment card or bank transfer.
You completely own your own funds without any restrictions, so you can buy, sell or borrow your crypto assets at your own request.
4 ANY PAYMENT CARD. XCARD wallet supports most debit and credit cards.
You can connect any of your payment cards to your wallet and freely start buying cryptocurrencies.
5 BUY NOW AND PAY LATER. The platform makes it possible to spend money regardless of whether you have funds in your account using a convenient biometric credit card.
6 FULL COMPLIANCE WITH KYC. XCARD wallet is fully compatible with KYC.
Therefore, the process of entering the system is much simpler than opening a bank account in any traditional bank.
7 INSTANT SETTLEMENT. XCARD’s decentralized internalizer and intelligent atomic swap features allow all transactions to be most efficient in real time.

You can talk a lot more about such an innovative project as XCARD. But in order not to delay the review, I leave all the necessary and important links below in the description. There you will find all the necessary answers to questions that arise during the study of the project. In the near future, you can expect that the XCARD project will prove itself and bring profit to its users and investors.

🔗 Website: http://xcard.io/
🔗 White Paper: http://xcard.io/static/XCard-Whitepaper-21082019.pdf
🔗 Twitter: https://twitter.com/xcardbymobilum
🔗 Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/mobilumcom/
🔗 Telegram: https://t.me/mobilumcom
🔗 Medium: https://medium.com/mobilumcom
🔗 LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/mobilumcom

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#XCARD #MBM #Crypto #Payments #fintech #insurtech #P2P



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