My new life

Hello, everybody! I’m gonna tell you about my first 10 days of university studies!
Lots of my friends say that their university upsets them. They don’t deal with the classmates or faculty, they are angry with schedule or with home assignments. And I’m proud of saying that I’m not! If course, it’s difficult to wake up at 5 a.m and be happy all the time but I can confidently say I love LUNN, I really like the American English program and I think my teachers and classmates are wonderful people and the atmosphere is inspiring!
There is only the tenth day at LUNN but my English has improved already. We have learned many new words and expressions about University, theatre and even about terrorism. Also I think my accent is better now due to the dialogues, mp3 files and real conversation at classes.
These days are full of many interesting events. We visited the Main Library, the English Language Library and the Museum of University. It’s breathtaking to know that you are part of the centuries-old history! 
I would like to tell you about my first achievement:) There was a quiz and I think I managed this very well😁

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