Why I can’t write (to Medium).

Derailing trains of thought.

I can’t write to medium because I can never accurately portray my thoughts in words. I have a million thoughts a moment and I try to type as many of them as I can but inevitably I miss a few. The problem isn’t in missing some of the thoughts going through my head. It’s that the thoughts I get typed out before they disappear are jumbled and incoherent or incomplete because the follow up thought was lost to the void in my head. The next thought that was written down has nothing to do with the thought before it (or maybe it does tangentially but not enough to be in the same paragraph/article). And trying to go through the paragraphs upon paragraphs that I type when I’m on a train of thought in order to sort and edit them makes my head start to hurt because it gets the train of thought rolling again and I end up typing more paragraphs of random thoughts instead of fixing the originals. This article, my first, in and of itself was a challenge. It was easier than some because there aren’t a whole lot of tangents to follow here. But most of what I try to write are responses to the things I read or watch or hear, and the rails for those trains can sometimes seem infinite, some tying back to others but all invariably with no end in sight. Already I’m moving towards a tangent of trains of thoughts, but I digress, back to the point that I have no coherent point to offer up. I don’t find that I suffer from writer’s block, so much as writer’s blocks and blocks of text that I have no clue how to rework in order to make them presentable. I hope this article makes a little bit of sense to someone.

Even as I wrote this article, I wrote and completed my second article before this one was finished. Even as I wrote that last sentence, I went through my second piece for editing and added another paragraph. Now I’ve managed to go through the first paragraph of this article and clean it up a bit. I am going to submit this article before I get too scared and back out because something may have a slight imperfection. The second article is a tangent that came up while writing this article. If you’ve read either or both please feel free to share your thoughts or frustrations with me!