Network for Small and Medium Business

SMBs (small and medium business) nowadays are having a hard time to compete against large corporations. Mainly because large corporations have so much more resources, a.k.a money, to do research, advertisement, and cost down to compete with SMBs.

SMBs will always have to create new product that consumers love or use new innovating ways to disrupt the market leaders. And it is not easy.
However, there are always undeserved customers that people did not discover. There are millions of business on this planet and some are the perfect fit for each other, yet they may never be able to find each other. Just like dating, we always want to finding the one that matches you perfectly. And all we need now is the tool.

There are tons of dating site for single people. And now we have a dating site for business. Or we can say a social network that matches business needs. is a site that connecst businesses. You can always find services and product that suits your need. You can also request a service and get answered by many vendors across the world.
Best of all, its free.