• Rachel Bastarache Bogan

    Rachel Bastarache Bogan

    Rachel is an entrepreneur, video editor and author. When I’m not hustling, I can be found park skating or baking gluten-free.

  • Cornerstone College

    Cornerstone College

    leading college students in the Auburn/Opelika area to know and serve Jesus

  • Jenni Catron

    Jenni Catron

    Leadership coach & consultant. Author of The 4 Dimensions of Extraordinary Leadership. Always tea/never coffee, passionate about leading well

  • Jamin Jantz

    Jamin Jantz

    Notes on trail-running, startups, family, and embracing the beautiful chaos of my life.

  • Joe Bass

    Joe Bass

    Husband to Lindsay. Dad to Chandler. Advertising. Dog Lover. War Eagle. @joetbass

  • Griffin Stewart

    Griffin Stewart

    I am a husband, traveler, photographer, lifelong learner, graphic, web and industrial designer. I have visited 50+ countries. I ♥ .

  • Smart Axiata

    Smart Axiata

  • brettdarnell


    Husband, Dad & Designer

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