HostGator Black Friday — Best Black Friday Hosting Deals of 2016

Numerous web hosting companies litter the marketplace, and as a long-time Web user, I recognize that their services can differ greatly in quality. That said, I was quite enthralled to discover that HostGator offers extremely high-quality web hosting services at budget-friendly rates, so I figured I would compose a review to discuss my positive experiences.

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The foremost difference between Host Gator and its competitors is its amazingly fast bandwidth. While the majority of other budget-friendly providers offer laggy bandwidth courtesy of overstocked servers, HG prides itself on ensuring you never share a shared server with more than 35 other websites.

Speed is in fact the key factor behind the company’s success as a brand. This translates directly to improved conversion rates, because impatient customers love quickly loading websites. Plus, each server houses dual quad-core CPUs and 24 GB of DDR3 RAM, which is frankly far more than enough to keep things running smoothly.

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Another benefit is its dedication to customer service. Anytime your website is down, all you need to do is shoot support staff members a quick email, sit back and wait for a reply. More often than not, they’ll log in to your site and ameliorate the error for you as a free courtesy — even if the error is related to programming code errors and not their web hosting services. Suffice it to say, no problem is too small for them to resolve.

One of my favorite aspects of the whole Host Gator experience is its expandability. I first started with their cheapest plan but soon after decided to upgrade, so as to keep pace with my quickly burgeoning Web traffic. By just spending an extra $7, I was able to go from hosting only 1 domain to hosting an unlimited number of domains. My simple account, for which I only paid $4.95 per month at first, now features seven different domain names. More importantly, none of my additional websites have slowed the server’s speed at all.

A plethora of reviews that I’ve read note that cheaper web hosting providers do exist. While this is true, I know for a fact that these providers lack the dedication to quality inherent at Host Gator. When I first built a website, I signed up with a hosting provider that charged a measly $1.99 per month, which seemed like a steal. But over the following twelve months, I discovered that I was paying a tremendous price in the form of dissatisfied customers. Countless times through the day my website lagged, thus causing the average potential customer to have to wait anywhere from 15 to 45 seconds before being able to successfully log in to the site.

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It’s only been in the web hosting business for 10 years, but it’s risen to become one of the top providers in the country for a good reason. Their services are awesome, and I certainly recommend using HostGator products to my family, my friends and any consumers reading this review.


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