Love and Ambition: The toxic vulture

Her brown eyes from the other side of the class, made even the ocean look shallower; her flowing strands of hair let loose the most remote emotions and her smile made up thousands of sleepless nights and made lose hundreds of marks in exams. Such was deep affection, emotion, passion, hope and ultimately all the false shit we were exposed to right from the day our hearts actually started beating. All the late 80s and early 90s kids were pushed into a world of romance where even Mithun da or some oblivious being out of nowhere, fights and gets the girl so easily. But the most romantic and hell shocking part is that even the girl loves back the guy with all deepest, true and non materialistic feelings. She even fights her own family for the poor, slum guy (pheww unbelievable). Love, love and love everywhere, not even a single movie or song (except border “Sunday” wala song) exempted from this. Then came the ultimate romance bomb, with uranium of love and 100 times the power of Nagasaki and whose residual (infact primary) effect can still be found prevalent in our generation, Mr SRK with deadly bombs of disillusioned lies such as DDLJ (no Simran will run for you dude), Dil To Pagal Hain (whole scene feels mad now), Mohabbatein (bro we lost all marks in school just because we were lost in some love, so shun it. Bachchan was right) and the ultimate bomb, Veer Jaara (may be paki girl might do that, no idea much). By the way even Sunny Paaji was also into love, breaking some Paki asses and uprooting their tube wells (got some patriotic goose bumps). So coming back, these school time or some college time powerful love (uranium bomb) radiations from the movies, books (“once upon a time king and a LOVING queen”), cartoon (Mickey also has a LOVING girl friend) and even shaktimaan (God are you there) ubiquitously pronounced a common, and universally tempting jargon “be good and you will get everything (including your dream girl falling madly at you and stars, moon, all shit , etc)“. Such jargons won the hearts, mind and all other parts of the body but slowly and sub consciously made up a circular trap of obnoxious-lethal-deception around us and in-which we free liberated souls of the country are inexorably trapped.

This camouflaged obnoxious-lethal-deception noose surprisingly crawls out of no-where, to be found everywhere with no fire-exits. Slowly and efficiently this improvised obnoxious-lethal-deception noose sucks out every bit of our calmness, peace, harmony, self respect, hard earned money and drains them into a worthless gutter of somebody’s (your most important person) pride and ambition. Paradoxically the more we try to get back and reclaim our lost belongings, the more this obnoxious-lethal-deception noose sucks out our inner treasure and delivers to the unsatiated, self-gratifying, pompous beautiful-devil who is happily grappling down everything.

So moving from where all it began and how it decimates us without any visible injury (so no criminal case records), lets just move and see how this deadly predator even manages to accomplish and gets acquitted both socially and morally without slightest guilt. That secret veil of innocence in the modern society is the words we hear almost every day, support them with full heart and infact love them for that, without knowing the same words will haunt us down. Some of these but not limited to them are “empowerment”, “ambition”, “independence”, “self-respect”, “many -isms”. And hell yaa we the fore-front proponents of these noble ideas are the first to be noosed around, sucked out and trampled around ruthlessly. Any crime committed on these names has a divine immunity cover so forget human laws and only shelter left to the victim is in a cold and dark cave of depression, anger, hopelessness, seclusion and guilt (not knowing what the guilt is). And bro the good news is most of you have not violated any of these but simply you (me as well) have been trampled because you (me as well) all are replaced by “somebody” (may be better than you at least for now), that “somebody” has also fallen for these words, and that “somebody” will also be trampled upon in few days by the same words and the chain continues (the uranium chain-reaction remember). So cheer up a bit as you are not alone.

Before finishing just want to ask our angels, what was the fun in pushing somebody to dark? What was the great happiness while pushing somebody to emptiness? Is love and relation so weak infront of your so called ambitions & calculated minds. Is love and care so expensive now to bestow on somebody for free? I know the answers will be some mixture of “empowerment”, “ambition”, “independence”, “self-respect”, “many -isms”, bla, bla and bla.

Note: This note is on behalf of all the Good persons who sacrificed and suffered for their assumed angels. All bad guys and girls you are on the opposite side. All good girls please make the gender changes in the note while reading.

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