Tips To Ace Your General Paper

GP (General Paper) is a paper that students are quite apprehensive about. They don’t know what to expect so that becomes scary. It is a general notion among students that one possibly cannot cover every bit of news and information and be on top of the game. However, the key doesn’t lie in going through every piece of news or GK subjects rather know what exactly your study needs to cover.

If you opt for GP tuition class Singapore has tuition centers everywhere. However, the key is to pick one of those that guides you with crisp up to date material and conducts regular class and home assignments to keep you on top of your game.

Here are some tips that will help you ace your upcoming GP paper.

1. The first and foremost key to ace your general paper is to read. While reading, it is not necessary to note down all the precise details but to take note of the key issues of the topic and the surrounding debates, if any.

2. It is important to go through local as well as international news and concerns that may have impact on Singapore. The Strait Times is good enough for current affairs updates. Go through the opinion section to understand the topic in hand and give intelligent views.

3. While going through current affairs, it is important to be regularly updated so as not to pick up a GK book at the last minute and try to mug up. It is much harder to retain that way and pretty easier the former way. If the above rule is followed, one doesn’t need to spend more than an hour reading the news and give ample time to other subjects that require detailed attention.

4. While doing comprehensive practices, a good idea would be to look for synonyms of common words. It is an easy way to upgrade your vocabulary. During your paper, read the questions as such so that you skim for answers while you read the passage the first time. The answers are right there. Use the pencil to annotate the key points and issues in the passage. Mark the paragraph based on which you decide to write the summary.

5. When reading the questions, figure out what the question type is-’ inferential or answer from the question’. This helps to hunt for the answer correctly.

6. As for AQ, where you are required to write a mini level composition of around 300–400 words, take care of few points. Create your topic sentence, link it to the relevant part of the passage and always illustrate it with examples. Then conclude your statement. Remember not to go out of context.

7. In essays, your understanding of the topic is vital and your response. Writing down key points and justifying them in gist is key to winning good marks. Paraphrase your authors point only if you are confident about your paraphrasing skills and if you have enough time.

8. Time management is the key to giving enough time for all your answers. Set aside at least 25 mins for the summary and 35 mins for the AQ. Don’t spend too much time on a single question.

With these points in mind, you are good to go. Economics is another subject where you score really high. Keeping oneself up to date with current affairs would also help to brush your economics. In this way, both go hand in hand.

So, take GP and Econ tuition class Singapore will provide you with the best learning centers, one of them being the Mind Centre whose innovative techniques that will help you get your A’s in your paper this year.

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