Fancy Women Bike Ride— Turkey

Fancy Women Bike Ride is an event for raising awareness among women who never consider to cycle. Fancy Women Bike Ride is kind of critical mass combined with cycle chic movement. We make this bike ride annually, on world car free day (this year on September 25th), to show women that they can ride bikes with casual clothes (yes that’s possible) and let them know the feeling of safety when there are more bikes than cars on the streets. We are organizing the tour for the fourth time this year in Izmir, and more than 25 cities around Turkey applied to organize the same this year on the same day. Who participate this tour, becomes a cyclist just after. Once you take a bike and ride in the city, you just want to repeat it to have the same fun feeling.

Fancy Women Bike Ride, is a “social standing” I would say. This movement aim to bring more women to the streets with their bikes and pushes local government to invest in cycling infrastructure. This movement will go forward as long as we keep the message clear and the amateur spirit. This tour is organized by volunteers and we do not accept any sponsors. Because we do not need money nor sponsors to ride our bicycles with fancy clothes for couple of hours in downtown.

Video below is with English subtitles.

Revolution is something that happens in short period of time. “Velorution” instead, is a long-term enlightenment. I see people re-questioning their transportation habits (driving is easy for lazy people), some already “tasted” the forbidden apple and they will never ever give up their freedom (riding bike) and government cannot ignore us for long. I think revolution can happen if politicians would leave their cars and start riding bikes. We would not only have better cities designed for people, but also happier citizens.

Fancy Women Bike Ride is on September 25th in 28 Cities in Turkey and Cyprus.

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