Blog writing -my most recent challenging learning experience

Have you ever written something, read through it, frowned, folded the paper up and threw it in the bin? Has this happened several times? Well am no different from you, in fact, I am facing that challenge right now!

I have to write a blog post at Andela. And having writing skills I have come to understand is a crucial skill I need to have. I have read many other blog posts that honestly are not that great, and I don't want my blog post to add to that tally. So how do you come up with a blog post that is going to stand out in some 70 other blog posts? How do you write something that is going to keep a reader scrolling? How do I play with words to make it a beautiful blog post? If you are still reading, then am glad I have done well so far. So let me interest you in how I have managed to keep you reading. Immediately I went off to the web and read up on how to write a blog. Actually, it is not that hard. All you have to do is:

Most readers are lost in the first paragraph, so capture the attention of your audience in your first paragraph. Make it clear what the blog post is about. Secondly, be informative. If you were to write something people already know, then why would they keep reading what they already know. And lastly, make an effective conclusion. People always remember what is said last, so ensure to summarize the key points in your conclusion.

And with that I want to conclude this by saying, prepare your blog first before diving into writing. Have a mental outline of the main points of your story. Identify your audience, and ascertain what they already know, and try to enlighten them with something new. Keep these points in mind next time you write a blog post, and slowly but steadily watch your blog posting world brighten up. Wish you the best!