The Six Parts of Language Learning

Or, “The Right Tool for the Right Time”

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Let’s start with the crux of it: there are six parts to learning a language.

So then, assuming you’re studying enough (cough cough), the question of how you should study is really a matter of balancing these six things. Every week or two, depending on your pace, re-evaluate what you’re excelling at and what’s holding you back. Over time you’ll discover patterns in your relationship to each of these. For me, for example…

You get the idea.

I recommend the tools above because they each train one thing well (except the most important one of all, conversation). I recommend against all-in-one solutions like DuoLingo* and Rosetta Stone because they try to do everything at once in a really unfocused way, and so end up being a frustratingly slow way to learn for a remotely self-aware or self-directed learner. Navigate the above six categories and the corresponding tools according to what you’re struggling with and what you’re motivated to learn.

Good luck, buena suerte, serkeftin, iyi şanslar!

And don’t forget to have fun!



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