You are the best version of yourself. None can take it away from you.

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{Caution: This post, written from a personal perspective, comes from observing and hearing this term. There is no intention to hurt sentiments.}

We live amidst several stigmas,’ and one of them is- Body-shaming. It is one of the most heard terms today. At some point, we may have also experienced the same in our lives or seen pointing at others around us. From celebrities to common people, we have all been subject to body-shaming.

Before proceeding further, let me give you the dictionary meaning of ‘Body-shaming.’…

Money, Money, Money….. In this big, bad world.

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We have mostly grown up listening to our parents tell us, ‘You don’t value money,’ and/or ‘Paison ki kadar karna seekho’ (learn to respect money). Some prevalent parental traits that we have been party to observe right from a very young age.

The constant badgering, especially if you come from a middle-class family, is about money. We were told umpteen things related to money but what so many of our folks failed to teach us was- the value of money.

Okay, here I certainly do not mean to convey the conversion value…

Ideas strike when you are in your most idle state.

Does this sound a little too familiar? I am sure there are a lot of content writers and creative artists who get their best ideas probably sitting in the bathroom, staring at a blank wall, or just when they are about to doze off.

And the most worrisome moment is when the idea is nowhere to be found the next day. Wow! An awesome idea, gone down the drain (or in this case, the memory lane), right?

Now this applies when your mind comes up with an idea on ‘auto-mode’…

Life is full of surprises, and kids have a way to leave us surprised all the time.

Today, I am here to speak about the importance of the word ‘NO’ in your child’s life.

A child is supposed to be your reflection, but do we want to make them a literal one?

Mindsets, attitudes, and personalities have undergone a drastic change in the past 20 years. This change is the result of the exposures that the children have been given in terms of education, television, etc.

This change has become more evident over the past ten years with the…

Fashion has no season. It just works differently for different people.

With a ton of things going on around us, there are very few that can add a little zing to our mood and make us a little peppy, even in dull times.

Fashion in times of COVID-19 can seem like a far-fetched reality. However, nothing is stopping us from exploring a little goodness in clothing each day while we step out. A selected range of clothes and accessories spruce up even the most basic outfit, giving you a great look and feel.

We all have our unique sense of…

It‘s not only talking about mental health, but also whom to talk to.

The sudden death of an inspirational, young and budding actor ‘Sushant Singh Rajput’ sent the media and the country into a frenzy. The talk about mental health and depression, and its effects, took the world of Cinema by storm.

What ensued was a complete public debacle of the life of an actor, who stood as a symbol of positivism and motivation for most of the young actors and the general public. …

Strength Lies in our Hands

Nothing is permanent, everything has to change and evolve. We have been evolving and will continue to do so. Change is the only constant reality in our life.


When the dreaded lock-down began in March, there was a lot of speculation around the future of education. While all things were running awry through lack of clarity from any party (government or non-government) there were a few of us (MOMs) who were mostly wondering how will the kids get their education? Where will they study? How will they study? What is the next step?

And lo behold…

The art of writing content that attracts visitors to your website is the skill of a web content writer. Every website is unique and their identity needs to be supported with great content. Web Content is another form of content writing that requires you to project a business idea or product offering to the audience in the most informative way possible.

What is web content?

Web content is amalgamation of visual and / or textual content that is published on a website. This content forms the essence of driving visitors to a particular website. Creating content that is engaging, well-organized…

Ankita Biswas-Ahuja

A freelance writer with a penchant for all things good. My keen areas of interest are travel, health, digital marketing, lifestyle, interiors and technology.

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