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Lots of cool stuff here. As a 50ish developer myself. I agree with a lot. A couple of points.

I kind of see point #9 as violating point #1. Even if it is the foundation of everything for the next 20 years, the majority of devs probably won’t need to deal with it or know much about it directly.

You mention the MS and Apple “galaxies” in 2006 and “the rest is history”, without really saying where that history led. I feel like they have, in a large way switched places. MS has changed drastically and is doing some great innovation. Apple’s chokehold on developers once iOS got popular disgusted me so much, I switched over to Windows and Android.

The only other thing I’d add is, “13. Have a life outside of technology”. Tech is great but it will suck you in and destroy you without you ever knowing it. Take up some other activity outside of technology. Build stuff with your hands. Climb mountains. Make acoustic music. Paint, draw, whatever. Just turn off the computer and experience the real world for a few hours each day.