Bit2Me, Spain’s largest crypto company, celebrates its new Launchpad and Polygon (Matic) partnership with a 8,000,000 B2M Airdrop ($400,000 approx*) on Matic network

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4 min readFeb 9, 2022

Founded in 2014, Bit2Me is Spain’s largest crypto company and product suite that includes an exchange, brokerage wallet, earn/staking product, launchpad, and largest crypto academy in the Spanish speaking world. With over 450K verified active users, 3M alumni and an average daily volume of $50M on the exchange — Bit2Me has been the leading crypto company enabling millions of people to Discover, Access, and Operate with cryptocurrency in their day to day lives through the product suite’s 20+ products and services.

4 months after Spain’s most highly anticipated and successful ICO in history, Bit2me will Airdrop 8,000,000 B2M ($400,000 Approx*) on the Polygon (Matic) Network. With approximately half a million users in over 100 countries, the company currently has around 50,000 B2M in-app holders enjoying various platform and partner discounts, rewards, higher APYs, and perks. Users can also Stake their tokens — there are over €50M of B2M being staked on Bit2me Earn. With the launch of its Launchpad, qualified B2M holders are guaranteed a spot in future ICOs in a gamified manner wherein every Hodler competes with each other in the whitelist leaderboard — therefore increasing incentives and utility of B2M.

Airdrop prizes


Bit2me is backed by Asian crypto giants such as Huobi Ventures, ICON Foundation, TKX Capital, and Valhalla Capital and has partnerships with Asian Crypto funds such as DFG. In a show of support to the Asian community, the Airdrop’s 20-day participation period coincides with the Lunar new year — wherein all qualified B2M holders with 8,888 B2Ms are guaranteed an airdrop from a 1.76M B2M prize pool ($88K Approx*).

In addition, Bit2Me is also backed by founders, executives and former executives from Coinbase, Polygon, Binance, Amazon, Rainmaker Games, Chainlink, Sygnum Bank, Nexo,, BBVA, Kraken, Alvarium, StratMinds, Flutterwave, Accenture, IBM, Minterest, Coinspaid, Mastercard and more


Bit2Me has several partners from top industry players such as GSR, NEXO, FireBlocks, Mastercard, OVR, JUMIO, ChainAnalysis, ClearJunction, B2C2, Fidor bank, GoStudent, CoinPayments, Inveready, PaynoPain, BCB Group, Pecunpay, prosegur crypto and Polygon.

The partnership with Polygon (Matic) means that Bit2me will soon integrate Polygon’s scaling solution to its wallet and enable Bit2me’s million-strong community to interact with the Matic mainnet — the leading Layer 2 protocol in the crypto space.

Senior advisors to the company include Baldomero Falcones, former President of Mastercard International, Zeeshan Feroz, former CEO of Coinbase UK & Europe, Dean Thomas, former Global Head of Institutional Capital at Polygon and CIO of Rainmaker Games, and Jimmy Ku, Head of Growth USA of African-unicorn fintech company Flutterwave.


How to participate

Mandatory requirements

How to complete Mandatory requirements

Extra requirements

How to send ETH to Metamask on Ethereum/ Polygon / Binance Smart Chain froma listed exchange
How to bridge ETH from ERC20 to MATIC using Polygon Bridge
How to swap WETH for B2M on Quickswap
How to swap ETH to B2M on Uniswap
How to swap WBNB to B2M on Pancakeswap

Who is eligible?

Every CoinMarketCap user that participates in the Airdrop and completes all the mandatory requirements (seen in the video above) will be eligible for the Bronze prize.

Other prizes will only reward DeFi Wallet B2M holders (ex, Metamask), who must also complete all mandatory requirements to be eligible. Different holding amounts will make participants eligible for different prize categories.

How to claim

Winners and eligible participants will receive the prizes via Polygon Network, no claiming will be necessary on their part. They will need to add the custom Polygon Network RPC and add the custom B2M token, the following videos demonstrate how to do so:

How to configure Polygon Network on Metamask
How to add custom token B2M on Polygon
How to Get gas on Polygon wallet web with received ETH

Which aggregators will it be announced on?

List of aggregators

When will tokens be available for claim?

The token will be available on all winner addresses no later than April 1st

Where will winner be announced?

Winners will be announced no later than 3 days after the Airdrop participation period ends through official social media channels such as telegram. Links to these will be available on the CoinMarketCap Bit2Me Airdrop section.

How is the lucky draw done?

The lucky draw will be done using randomization formulas on excel, recorded and available for everyone to see the winner selection process.

What is B2M used for

B2M is a utility token that allows users access to special futures within Bit2Me’s product suite as well as products and services offered by our current and future partners, airdrops, platform discounts, academy courses, cashbacks, notifications and voting on upcoming coin listings, vote on app features and staking.

Join the B2M Community

Additional Tutorials

Metamask setup
Add B2M token to Metamask on the Ethereum network

More information about Bit2Me & B2M


  • The B2M TOKEN is a utility token intended to be used to benefit from discounts, promotions and services on the Bit2Me website. It is therefore not a financial instrument or a negotiable security”. “Bit2Me does not accept customers related to sanctioned countries, certain high-risk countries or countries where specific national authorisation is required, such as residents of the USA or Japan.
  • *Values of B2M in dollars were calculated the 22/01/2022. Please revisit the current B2M prize chart to see the current values



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