My Tool to End Stress
Matthew Cauble

It’s almost taboo now to do layman’s discussion of mental difficulties but let me say that I don’t think fear is the enemy. Fear is a signal that *something is wrong*. You couldn’t survive or enjoy life without it, any more than can those people who drink boiling coffee because they can’t feel pain. If you’re afraid all the time then this means you’re mistaken about something fundamental to do with your identify (since there is no obvious physical threat like an approaching truck). Although disabling I think it actually puts you *ahead* of most people in terms of development since most people lack self-awareness. Good for them, they aren’t scared, but neither can they excel in creative endeavour. Their minds are leashed. By contrast many of the finest minds have been addicts or suffered other personal problems like depression. Anyhow, there are two approaches which remove this sort of fear, as far as I know. (1) Self-talk, where you say things like “OK, I’m going down, but at least I’ll go down with a smile on my face”, or (2) sitting and witnessing your internal state. Over long periods the first will change you into a psychopath and the second will lead to self-realisation and, if desired, peace.

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